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5/3/09 9:43:39PM
Hey, I've been flirting with the idea of joining this site and I finally did so today. I've been a member at Sherdog for a couple years now so I'm not new to posting on MMA forums, nor MMA in general, so please don't ignore me or shoot me down when you see my post count. However I'm open to suggestions and all that good stuff so feel free to criticize when you feel necessary.

I'm 20 years old, a Junior at the College of Mount Saint Vincent and have been following MMA since 2006, three years now.

Site looks cool and I'm happy to be a new member, talk to you all soon!
5/3/09 9:51:10PM
welcome to the playground
5/3/09 10:46:47PM
Things on this site are far more stricter than Sherdog so if you're not contributing to a positive MMA enviroment then I suggest always thinking before you post. Good Luck and welcome !
5/4/09 12:13:31AM
Welcome! and just to remind u, this isnt sherdog so keep flaming to a minium. Post count and join date dont matter, all opinions r equal. im sure you will fit in fine. and last but not least if ur looking for a fight camp, the riffs is open fr new members
5/5/09 2:12:34PM
Thanks guys, I look forward to discussing topics with you in the future.
5/6/09 9:37:31AM
Welcome to the playground.
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