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10/2/07 8:24:14PM
I just thought i would tell you guys a little about myself. MMA is life basically. Ima redneck blah blah blah. It's great to be here. Thats about all
10/2/07 8:44:18PM
Welcome to the party. First things first. You must know the unwritten rules.

1. You must make an excuse as to why Pride fighters are/aren't doing well in the octagon.

2. You must express your opinion as to why the UFC is rigged/not rigged.

3. You must argue who deserves to fight who.

4. last but not least. You must do all of this while remaining untruthful, arrogant, unreasonable, etc. etc.

If I have Missed anything. Please Add.

Juuust Kidding!
10/2/07 9:06:58PM
Welcome to the Playground.
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