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1/26/07 1:31:33PM
Might as well introduce myself.

I'm from Ontario, Canada. I grew-up training TMA ( Shito ryu karate). My father was a 5th dan black , and I trained under him between the ages of 6 and 17.

I wrestled a little in high school, and have rolled jits a few times with some friends who are blues, but I would definitely not consider myself a MMAist since I have never competed. I am, however, a huge fan of the sport and have been for some time.

I became interested in MMA through my father, who was a strong supporter of the martial arts community in my area. He introduced to cross-ma demonstrations and exhibition matches in the late 1980s, and competed in some himself. We also ordered UFC 1 on PPV.

I really got into MMA in 1996, when my Aunt was dating Gary Goodridge. They started dating in 1994 when Gary was arm-wrestling. They met each other at the Honda plant where both of them worked.

I don't speak with Gary anymore, but he and I were somewhat close during the time he and my aunt were dating.

Anyway, I am basically here to play the MMA fantasy game. I primarily post at Sherdog, but these boards seem decent.

Good luck to all.

1/26/07 3:37:49PM
What is your name on sherdog??
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