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POLL: how do you handle it
forget things you know 17% (1)
stutter 33% (2)
joe cool 17% (1)
impress the hell out of em 33% (2)
8/8/08 12:14:37PM
I just had an interview for a job at a MAJOR company its been a long time sense I had one it was kind of tough but the pay is 60,000 plus a 60,000 bounus every year so really its like 120,000 a year and thats not even the top spot and I found out its me vs people around the country it was tough but the ones I give are tougher and its for way less pay anyway

how do you handle the pressure of being interviewed some people can't handle it and break and some people are joe cool
8/8/08 12:40:14PM
I find the best way to handle a big interview is practice. Take a couple of interviews with jobs that you know you don't want beforehand...that way when they throw questions at ya, you are able to answer them without as much pressure. When the important interview comes along, it will be much easier to handle.

Also, it's helpful to do a search for interview questions on the net and have a friend/relative read them to you...not the normal questions, but the oddball ones that they try to make you think on your feet. Once you get past the point where questions trip you up, it makes it easier to handle whatever they ask of you.

As long as you have the knowledge and qualifications, the rest doesn't seem so bad any more. Once a company knows that you have the prerequisites they are looking for, they like to put your soft skills to the test.

I remember my first tough interview a number of years back. It was brutal, but I made it through and got the job...and to be honest, it was the best thing that could've happened. I've never went into another interview so blindly again.
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