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1/5/13 4:14:13AM
Wow, things went a bit crazy for me yesterday, I had a massive response for my interview with Tyson. Did anyone hear listen to it? What did you think? It was great fun to do.
1/5/13 10:57:37AM
I listened to it Ray good interview. You manage to start a huge buzz. Although I dont think Fury would a last a rd against a top MMA fighter I was interested in hearing what he had to say.

1/5/13 12:52:58PM
It was a great interview Rabi! You gave him the business, lol. Definitely generated some good buzz there. I lol'd when Tyson ended the interview with "tell Cain he's dead".

Tyson is apparently gunning for the title of "British Chael Sonnen"
1/9/13 7:17:20PM
This was great stuff
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