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10/3/07 7:16:36PM
For a guy with a perfect 18-0 record, Jason Reinhardt’s road to a UFC debut wasn’t without a few bumps.

The MMA fighter and teacher had garnered the attention of the UFC after years of success in the Midwest and throughout the U.S., but when it came to casting for the “The Ultimate Fighter 5,” Reinhardt made it only to the final 18; just 16 fighters, of course, were chosen for the show.

10/3/07 8:25:39PM
should be an interesting fight.. does anybody know if this is the oldest signing in the ufc? i guess apart from randy haha
10/3/07 8:31:01PM
His picture has those haunted mansion painting eyes. Did anyone else feel like they were following you? Good Luck to him. Lauzon keeps a quick pace.
lets see if hes ready for it.
10/3/07 9:27:01PM
this fight will be a good one, however, i feel that louzon will emerge victorious. i feel reinhardt is a little too old, and i say that full well knowing of the exception known as randy don't say "well randy is 44 and is still in peak condition". although bringing up randy is a good point, i just feel that jason reinhardt is no couture and his age will show in this fight, both positively and negatively as his experience will be evident, but he just won't be able to keep up w/ joe in my opinion. now i could be 100 percent wrong and jason can come out and look like hes 20 again...but i just don't see it happening

P.S. He most certainly does not have the best record in MMA
10/3/07 10:24:34PM
Wasn't Diego Sanchez 18-0 for a little while there? Thought so.....I see 18-1 in this guy's very near future, if not Lauzon then his next opponent.
10/4/07 6:04:29AM
Yep Diego was 19-0 but at the mo this guy has the biggest undefeated record, mainly thanks to fighting complete cans who my gran could beat! But he is very good i just see him suffering on the big stage after so many easy fights, and Joe is so string with his striking and bjj i fail to see how Reinhardt could win
10/4/07 11:03:01AM
Yeah I agree his victories have all been against guys with negative wins to losses and the step up in competition for him will be too much
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