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3/12/08 12:47:31PM
In the interview with Fedor discusses UFC, Dana White, combat sambo, BJ Penn, Josh Barnett, Rickson Gracie and number of other topics.
3/12/08 12:52:49PM
Great find man!

3/12/08 1:19:00PM
lol it seems like Fedor vs Rickson Gracie fell through!
3/12/08 1:28:20PM
Rickson would be insane to take that fight...he's built such a legacy, he's almost mystical. He shouldn't risk that by taking on Fedor at his age. Maybe 10 or 15 years ago. But hey, I'd watch!
3/12/08 1:30:33PM What do you think of Dana White?
This person talks a lot, sometimes rashly without having thought before.

This was pretty humorous.
3/12/08 1:31:38PM

Posted by silverbullet

lol it seems like Fedor vs Rickson Gracie fell through!

I thoguht that was a really random question at the end. i figured he was gonna ask fedor if he prefered paper or plastic next.
3/12/08 1:45:10PM
I read in one interview that Rickson considers himself basically retired, but would condsider fighting once again if the opponent and money was right. I was thinking Sakuraba in japan. I would hate to see him take a beating from Fedor.
3/12/08 1:49:34PM
classy guy. loved what he said about dana.
3/12/08 1:52:31PM
Fedor is a hella class act , i like how he states TIM SYLVIA as one of the greatest fighters of all time , If im not mistaken Tim just dissed on Fedor not 2 long ago in a past interview , and yet Fedor still has the class to respect Sylvia even after that , i think his calm and respectful attitude is one of the things that really makes him a truely outstanding MMArtist
3/12/08 5:27:32PM
He has strong character.
3/12/08 7:35:25PM
is that a typo or was his answer to "You stated Mirko was your toughest fight in Pride, why? And would you give Mirko a rematch?" actually "I don't think Mirko was the strongest fighter. I just say he was of the toughest"

if so that is funny, doesnt want to admit mirko was the strongest after its been shown UFC guys are as strong and stronger
3/12/08 7:39:23PM
the thing i dont like is he doesnt seem to knowlegdeable in what goes on in the sport, you would think if he loved the sport that much he would enjoy watching all the ppvs and shit
3/12/08 9:39:15PM
he says he cant say anything about his next opponent yet, does this mean there is an opponent lined up for Fedor!?!?!?
3/13/08 12:04:43AM
Fedor has more class and respect in his little pinky finger than Dana White has in his entire body.

Fedor is a fighter who embodies the true warrior spirit, he lets his actions do the talking.
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