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5/14/08 9:54:19PM
Matt Hughes is highly-regarded as the best 170-pound fighter in the history of the UFC. He is a future hall of famer, and a legend in the sport of MMA. He has a phenomenal 42-6-0 professional MMA record, including an 18 fight win streak. A former UFC welterweight champion, Hughes holds notable wins over BJ Penn, Georges St. Pierre, Frank Trigg, Royce Gracie, Hayato Sakurai, and Sean Sherk.

5/14/08 10:50:51PM
didnt read the article.. cause i'm not concerned about matt. but i think by opening his gym.. and all that stuff.. he is headed in the correct direction. he should stop fighting after he beats serra. start a team.. and make some great fighters..
bas rutten is the only one smart enough t o know when to quit i guess.. not saying matt isnt great.. just.. his prime is over.. end on top and take that momentumn and build something else.. like a team .. good luck to him whatever he does though
5/14/08 11:21:33PM
IMO huges would still be the champ if it wasnt for GSP. He is one hell of a fighter and a future hall of famer.
5/15/08 12:11:50AM
This is a pretty dangerous fight for Hughes. If he is gonna win this he needs to go in to wrestle mode, big time. I think chudbud is spot on aswell, the gap between Matt Hughes and the rest of the division is pretty big, but the gap between GSP and Hughes is just to big to catch up at this piont.
5/15/08 12:46:28AM

I would say the same thing for Rich Franklin and Anderson Silva.
5/15/08 1:10:53AM
yes, exactly. same scenario
5/15/08 2:21:11AM
Hughes still can compete in the division, and probably beat all but one guy. Matt fights to be a champion. He knows he will never be champion again as long as GSP is in the same division. After the Alves fight i assume he will fight Serra, hopefully beat him then retire.
5/15/08 12:43:15PM
Matt Hughes is a legend simple as
5/15/08 2:04:46PM
Matt hughes will be remembered as a legend, but i agree after the Serra fight i think its time to retire.....Alves i think stands a chance at beating him if he can keep in standing, but that will be a hard task..
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