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10/20/12 2:37:49PM
iGoogle is about to expire apparently, and now I am left without a good and neutral home page. Are there any out there that anyone uses that allows for customization with gadgets like news, weather, and sexy babe of the day? I've grown fond of seeing Marissa Miller on a daily basis while reading news.
10/20/12 2:44:06PM
My laptop homepage is the PG
10/20/12 4:47:24PM
mine is just google
10/21/12 2:12:10AM
Naked News might have everything you're looking for
10/21/12 2:36:49PM
check out sign up and subscribe to rss feeds and blogs and whatnot then it presents them in like a magazine format for your homepage.. might be what you're after, i'm not familiar with what your leaving behind though..