Why keep a interim championship belt?

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POLL: Should Nogueira's belt have been transferable?
Yes. 47% (9)
No. 53% (10)
12/29/08 12:06:09PM
I think the belt served its purpose regardless of what side your on for "who's the real champion" this belt makes for a big headache. I think Randy should have been striped but now we have two belts in a relatively small weight class and Nogueira's belt should not have been transferable once brock beat randy that should have been it, the belt should have died with Nogueira's loss.
12/29/08 12:15:01PM
It is what it is.
12/29/08 12:48:42PM

Posted by grappler0000

It is what it is.

A gimmick?
12/29/08 1:01:58PM
I think it has to stay in place for the moment in order for the people who do not quite get the situation (which is a lot!). The interim belt dies after the real HW champ is crowned.
12/29/08 1:11:02PM
Brok Lesnar beat Randy fair and square and has already been crowned the HW champ so I dont get your post at all.
12/29/08 1:44:26PM

Posted by slapshot

Brok Lesnar beat Randy fair and square and has already been crowned the HW champ so I dont get your post at all.

The interim belt was established while Randy was inactive. Zuffa put the interim belt on the line with Mir, since Nog couldn't just wait for the court case to play out. These decisions were all made before we knew what would happen with Randy and the title. Zuffa did the best they could under the circumstances. You can't take it back now that the situation has cleared up. It is what it is.
12/29/08 2:20:39PM
Ah the cluster of a non-grand Prix.....the only way I see that the UFC could have handled the situation was to have Randy v Nog when Randy came back. I know it would have screwed Frank, but I don't think at the time he had done enough for a title shot anyways. Look at both of the "Champs" records and tell me that they are truly legit HW Champs. The UFC HW Div is still extremely weak IMO and will be until they figure out a way to sign about 6 or so good HWs.
Suggested fighters: A. Overeem, A. Arlovski, J. Barnett, S. Kharitonov, B. Rothwell, and F. Werdum.....or of course just sign Fedor and let the rest follow, you know they will!!

12/29/08 4:06:38PM
The Interim belt was put in to place because no one knew what the outcome would end up being with Randy gone. So Randy came back and still had to other belt. Zuffa didn't know Randy was or wasn't going to come back. So they did the best they could. If anything the belt Brook won isn't valued because Randy walked away from it. So like it or not there is two HW champs for the time being. The two belt holders will fight and we will have one HW champ again.
12/29/08 4:46:07PM
well nog earned that belt so it has to be respected until the two champs square off, which is going to happen.
12/30/08 6:46:02PM
Plus now it can be hyped as Champion vs Champion. Which for the mainstream audience is a huge selling point.
12/30/08 9:04:06PM
why is anyone complaining about seeing more title maches
12/31/08 12:36:39AM
Both champions won their belt legitimately and as a result neither deserves to have it taken away from them. Randy should have been stripped when he vacated his position and his duties defending the belt, but since he wasn't and brock won it fair and square this is what you have.

If you were Nogueira what do you think you would have to say if the UFC said "well sorry, we're taking your belt away and we're going to erase your world champion title now, you can earn it a second time if you'd like."? Both guys worked their way to a title shot and put their entire lives into winning it, you can't just take that away from someone because it seems silly to have 2 belts.
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