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5/7/09 5:30:19PM
so apparently a 15 year old korean child in canada may face criminal charges for punching and breaking the nose of another child in school after a racist comment was said.

4 acrticles on the incident

Article 1
Article 2
Article 3
Article 4
5/7/09 5:51:56PM
none of the pages are working for me
5/7/09 6:50:51PM
Here's a link...the related articles can be found along the left.

5/7/09 7:06:35PM

Posted by Pookie

none of the pages are working for me

hmm... they were working for me. but now they aren't. I'll try to fix them.

article 1
not the entire article. but gives a little background.

article 2

gives a little bit more info.

article 3

his suspension was lifted and more info about that

article 4

the police want to drop charges.
5/7/09 7:15:25PM
Those policemen who wrote up that report deserve to be fired, that is ridiculous.
5/7/09 9:47:55PM

Posted by Pookie

Those policemen who wrote up that report deserve to be fired, that is ridiculous.

ontario police for ya, ill tell you guys a story im ashamed of even tho i did **** all, i was charged with sexual assault about 2 years ago, some chick i meant at a party wanted me bad, i didnt want her so i set her up with my 2 friends, so upstairs they go, i leave go home, the next night i open my door and get wrestled to the ground before i know whats go on taking punches to the face and only realize im being arrested when i feel the cold steel of hand cuffs, after sitting in a jail cell for 8 hours they decide they want to talk, i tell them what happened and am then told that i didnt leave but i held this girl to the bed,what!?!, so back to the cell i go for another 8 hours, next time they want to talk im being released because the girl told them she made the WHOLE thing up because she was mad at me for leaving the party and not sleeping with her, do you think she got in trouble? no way she was the "victim", i got her drunk and convinced her to sleep with my buddies is what i was told, so this half ass investigation by the Ontario Police department doesnt surprise me one bit
5/7/09 10:03:43PM
Probably cuz it was like "Chinese? DO I LOOK CHINESE? I AM KOREAN!"





Thats what you get. Racism shouldn't be tolerated anyways... if it was a momma joke and he got owned, thats a different story... but come on now... he called a korean dude "chinese" and threw the first punch. What did you think was going to happen?
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