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6/2/10 3:35:50PM
Interview with Fight Magazine @ the UFC Expo:

6/2/10 3:47:26PM
This video was posted in another thread


That being said, I think this thread should be kept because that thread is about Soares and this video is Sonnen bashing Rampage and Machida.
6/2/10 3:49:43PM
He's still behind Koscheck and Lesnar, being Chael Sonnen is becoming very good at being a heel. It gets boring if everyone is soft spoken and respectful of everyone. He's good at getting under people's skin, and I think the sport needs guys like that.

THat being said, he's fighting my favorite fighter next so I have a conflict of interest. But Chael is funny
6/2/10 3:54:24PM
Ok i'm back on his bandwagon again.

He lost me a bit with the twitter threat to Ed Soares but his shot at Rampage was gold.

Whether you watch his fight with Anderson to see him get stomped or you watch it hoping to see the upset of the year, i'm pretty sure we'll all be watching.

If it weren't for Chaels mouth, I doubt there'd be an ounce of interest in this fight.
6/2/10 3:56:23PM
I'd actually rank Chael ahead of Lesnar and Koscheck because of the way he insults people. Not that it wasn't extremely offensive on four different levels but who says "tribe of piglet savages" and "demon effigy?" I consider myself to have some fairly intellectual insults. I don't stick with the garden variety "f*ck you's" and such. I can do much better than that but "tribe of piglet savages?" I would have never thought of that.
6/2/10 5:00:42PM
Chael is brilliant...the way he sells himself is absolute genius!
6/2/10 9:54:16PM
I just love it...the funny thing is that if everything that was coming out of his mouth was coming from someone like Bisping, then everyone...and I mean everyone would be hating it...I guess its because its really just getting to the point of cartoonish bashing now that it just doesnt' even matter...eventually it will be like that south park episode where they said S%#T over 200 the end nobody will care what he says.
6/3/10 5:08:29PM
Anderson Silva's counter to Sonnen's trash talk was brilliant to me. He's subtly stomping on Sonnen's chances through body language and feigned ignorance instead of engaging in open snobbery, like he did against Forrest Griffin.

Sonnen's really annoying me, and I don't think that's just because I'm an AS nuthugger.
6/3/10 5:10:09PM
i always enjoy listening to sonnen. hes says some funny stuff. plus i think he has a good chance of beating anderson and i would like to see him as the champ
6/3/10 8:26:59PM
I'm starting to think we need a thread specifically for Chael Sonnen quotes.
The guy has just got the funniest stuff to say.
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