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10/3/08 10:27:04AM
Fabricio Werdum vs. Kongo. This would be a very interesting fight. This fight could determine the number one contender for the UFC heavyweight belt (after the tournament is ended between Big Nog, mir, lesnar and couture).
10/3/08 10:44:16AM
Actually, if Werdum wins his next fight (UFC 90 against Junior dos Santos) he will be #1 contender and is guaranteed a title shot, so he'd be next in line.
10/3/08 10:45:44AM
Personally I don't think Kongo has ever done anything to be considered a #1 contender and shows a real lack of ability on the ground...

Although I do agree it would be a good fight... IMO Fabricio already deserves the #1 contender spot, but I could imagine him fighting Valasquez for the honour as long as Werdum wins his next fight and Cain bounces back well from injury
10/3/08 11:55:47AM
I know Fabricio is next in line and definitely deserves a shot, but him and kongo would be a fun fight to watch.
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