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7/15/07 7:38:24PM
At UFC 71 in May, Liddell made $500,000 for a fight that lasted less than two minutes. His opponent, Quinton "Rampage" Jackson, made $225,000 for winning.
7/15/07 7:53:10PM
That's because Chuck has had more fights with the UFC and is more popular. Rampage will get his cheddah if he sticks around with the UFC to build his record and popularaity.

As for the two minute remark, that's really unfair given all the time put in at the gym.
7/15/07 7:59:02PM
i just copied and pasted it from the article on mario yamasaki.
(probably should have scourced it)

and thats the purse combined into rampage's profit.
i think the purse should be larger than that for a title fight, the league itself is worth $100 million dollars...
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