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4/21/11 5:07:11PM
On BetUS they have Melendez as the slight favorite...I have to disagree..Melendez has looked good but I think thats just a case of the people he has fought...So with that said I would have to bet Edgar...Being honest I would bet on BJ Penn to whip Melendez...
4/21/11 5:20:46PM
I honestly think Edgar is the 2.0 version of Melendez. They have the same skill set, but Edgar seems to be slightly better.
4/21/11 5:41:16PM
Yeah I saw those odds and I bet on Edgar. I think he's just a superior fighter. Melendez is more powerful, but not strong enough to make up for his inferiority in every other are. Edgar is gunna be too hard for him to hit and he's gunna get the win.
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4/21/11 7:00:29PM
I see no way the Melendez is the favortie. For sure he is a great fighter, but Frankie has him on all fronts.
4/21/11 8:05:34PM
I think Melendez would win against Edgar but I think Maynard would beat Melendez.
4/21/11 8:42:00PM
I think edgar can beat maynard

And maynard can beat miller again,pettis,melandez and guida

Top 5 lightweights

4/22/11 2:20:05PM
eddie alvarez doesnt belong near the top 5. The dude hasn't ever fought top level competition. And, while I havent seen him fight that often, he did nothing against Curran to make me think he could beat the top 5 UFC lw's or Melendez.
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