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4/25/07 11:10:31PM
Here is a post for everyone to link instructional videos.

I'll start

4/26/07 1:12:22AM
here is another Chuck's overhand
4/26/07 10:24:27AM
Here is one that really helped with my Brabo choke.
4/26/07 12:13:25PM
There are so many out there, some MUCH better than others... so it's important to know what you want to learn prior to watching or downloading an instructional...

Heres some vids I posted earlier... it's Kerr's fundamental takedowns and some nogi judo from the clinch with Aoki:
4/28/07 1:31:17PM
4/28/07 3:57:41PM

Here are a bunch of BJJ techniques on google video. I just posted a link to the lot of videos instead of one at a time.

They are pretty good for basics.

BJJ techniques
Fanboy 1988
4/28/07 4:01:50PM
Bas's street defense

Learn to fight in the street
4/29/07 12:47:35PM
Good ones... make a weblink for the addresses for ease of use please.

Keep em coming
Fanboy 1988
4/29/07 2:51:46PM
Sakuraba's secret weapon
Not really a submission, but it would suprise the guy your fighting and you could land a few good punches..
6/11/07 5:21:35PM
thanx for the vids, great post, great help
6/18/07 9:16:00PM
hey guys i can post one of the best instructional videos ever but you must promise than you will keep it to your self because many of the demonstrations are lethal if ever used.. let me know if you want me to post it???
6/19/07 5:43:02AM
go for it
Fanboy 1988
6/19/07 7:09:20AM
6/19/07 8:49:13AM

Posted by jakeovgy

go for it

okay buddy you asked for it, but remember these are to be used in desperate situations ONLY!
6/19/07 9:53:01AM
haha classy.
6/21/07 7:32:49AM
hey, the whole idea of watching instructional videos didn't seem to hinder Evan Tanner!
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