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4/1/12 2:38:07PM
I am watching Ufc 118 rematch of Edgar vs Penn
And now with rematch of Henderson vs edgar
I realize I am getting tired of the rematches.

The only one warranted was the Edgar vs maynard draw

It justs holds up the whole division. Especially lightweight the last two years. Enough already

At least have them fight once before rematch and Have the champ defend against someone in the process.

Pettis vs Henderson should have happened instead of Edgar
4/1/12 4:27:56PM
I am in agreement because Henderson clearly won. There was no controversy. Pettis, Miller, Guida etc.... anything to keep it new and exciting.
4/1/12 4:35:30PM
yea i just dont want to see these rematches becoming more common. theres been a ton of close fights but i dont think they need an IMMEDIATE rematch. if condit diaz isnt getting a rematch then edgar and bendo should get one. im most tired of the jam up in the LW division from the rematches
4/1/12 5:00:56PM
If were going by granting Rematches based on the champ losing rounds then when do we all get graced with a shields vs gsp 2 fight? Or demetrious vs Cruz 2?
4/1/12 5:12:52PM
I dislike them.

I mean the draw fight of Edgar/Maynard was warrented, but if we are talking about draws, I'd like to see those thrown out as well and have a sudden death round. Draws are pointless, I need a winner and loser.
4/1/12 11:57:53PM
If Penn can get a rematch after losing convincingly, then Edgar deserves one too. Sure it may hold up the title for a few more months, but it also allows for a TRUE #1 contender. Prior to the Maynard/Edgar draw, there were like 5 "top contenders" in the division...the weaker ones have since been knocked off the ladder.

The next true title contender that will earn his shot by beating top competition is the Diaz/Miller winner...NOT PETTIS! Please explain how:
Lauzon + Stephens (split decision) > Gomi + Cerrone + Miller
Lauzon + Stephens (split decision) > Guillard + Diaz

I don't buy the "oh he beat the champ therefore he deserves the title shot," otherwise Forrest Griffin deserved the title shot over Jon Jones when Shogun had the title because he also beat the champ and was on a 2 fight win streak over non-top 10 fighters. Now if Pettis beats a top opponent next, then I can sort of agree with him fighting for the title.
4/2/12 12:05:38AM
I feel its all fair, so my problem isn't with the clog up.

My problem with the rematches is in the fact that contender level fighters rarely get title shots when they've lost their last two.

Penn lost to Edgar twice, and though i think he can beat Henderson, he'll never fight him for the title.

If Edgar loses to Henderson for the second time, he probably won't get a title shot at Pettis if Henderson Loses.

Whereas if new contenders cycled in and out, We'd still have Penn in the LW rankings(and winning IMO), Frankie back on the up and up, Gray lying in wait, Pettis challenging, and Henderson with 4+ of the best competition for him to fight.
4/5/12 9:19:30PM
I hate the constant rematches. Edgar vs Bendo 2 is a joke to be honest. Edgar lost fair & square. So if he wins (which I highly doubt) there's going to be a third fight.
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