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8/24/09 4:30:58PM

Evangelista’s bout with Mike Aina at Strikeforce Challengers Series 1 on May 15 in Fresno, Calif., ended with a controversial knee that video replays showed struck Aina in the shoulder, not the head as originally determined by referee Herb Dean.
8/24/09 5:01:58PM
Glad to see justice was served. I think it's just sad that a pro would try and score a win like that. I mean that's just something you can't be proud of.
8/24/09 6:36:49PM
the instant replay needs to be present live, right then and there, just like hockey and football, anything questionable, check it
just like when JZ beat the crap out of aoki with legal shots and was ruled a no contest
8/24/09 7:03:16PM
Mike Aina should be ashamed of himselve for his actions at the end of that fight, this isnt baseball and your not trying to sell a ball as a strike. He was getting smacked around on the ground and Evangelista broke his will and forced him to give up. Congrats to Billy for a little bit of justice.
8/24/09 7:03:21PM
doesnt do much good if you bet money on that fight, cant get that back. it needs to be done the night of the show, not 3 months later
8/24/09 11:17:13PM
Props to Herb for stepping up and admitting to a mistake.
8/24/09 11:23:18PM

Posted by haggiswashere

Props to Herb for stepping up and admitting to a mistake.

Yeah, it was really cool of Herb to own up to it.
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