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4/12/08 12:07:25AM
Bonnar Griffin

I think its the Tito Forrest fight, when Forrest comes out of the break and just roars!!!! He was never the most pollished fighter, but it just showed how much heart he has. He came out, got his ass kicked, but hung in there and nearly got himself a decision victory.
4/12/08 9:39:54AM
When Fujita beat the living daylight out of Yoshihiro Takayama.That guy just wouldn't give up.Though he's 0-4,he showed the heart of a champion and gained the respect of Fujita afterwards.

When Sakuraba fough Igor Vovchazin after fighting Royce Gracie for over an hour,and still gave it all he had.

Wanderlei Silva battling CC for the second time.I don't know if this is true,but when they checked Silva because of bruising and cuts you can hear him talking to his corner.A friend of mine who trained in mma asked a brazillian friend what Silva had said.The guy he trained with said Silva said something along these lines: (rough translation but it still gave me goosebumps)

"I know i'm hurt badly and they want to stop the fight,but let go back in so I can hit the F*#ker one more time."
4/14/08 8:20:27AM
Renzo Gracie not tapping to Sakuraba - I love Renzo

Royce V Severn at UFC 4 - Jim Browns reaction

Ranldeman V Cro Cop 1 - THE upset of pride

Also, I love touches of class in the sport ie

Tito pointing at Randy at the decision whislt he cried.

Rampage saing he lost after getting a controversial decision against ninja

Fedor raising Fujitas hand at the end of the fight

Hughes saying GSP is a better fighter

Hendo reaction to knocking out Renzo
4/15/08 6:06:37PM

Posted by Svartorm

Posted by pv3Hpv3p

This wasn't in MMA but was the most inspirational thing I've ever seen in sports, or anywhere else that I can remember...

It was the summer olympics, don't remember what year... about a decade ago...

Anyways, they were running the race that's once around the track (400 meters?)... And building up to the race, the anouncers were talking about how hard this American fellow (don't remember his name) had worked to get here, blah blah blah...

Anyhow, the race starts and coming around the first turn this American tears his hamstring and drops... He gets up and tries to continue and the dude is obviously STRUGGLING...

All of the sudden the camera pans over to the stands and there's a guy wrestling away from a couple of security guards and running onto the track... The announcers say "My God, that's the injured runner's father"...

He puts his son under his arm and they limp the rest of the way around the track, finishing the race together... They may have come in dead last, but I can't imagine a finer way to lose a race

It was down right the most inspirational, heart-breaking, soul-warming thing I'd ever seen... chokes me up just thinking about it

I watch the Olympics religiously when its on, just for stuff like this.

i think it was the 1980 olympics when Jamaca had their first bobsled team... they were on a time inwhich they could win the gold medal and they crashed.... they slid to about 50 meters from the finish... the 4 of them got out of the sled picked it up and walked it across the finish... That event overshadowed pretty much the rest of the olymicps for that year... a team of guys from a tropical island bobsleding... getting so close to winning, then crashing but refusing to give up and finished the race becasue everyone told them they couldn't ever be a Jamacain bobsled team
4/16/08 7:21:46PM
The most inspiring moment in mma was when forrest griffen beat stephen the first time they fought
4/16/08 9:10:34PM
Chuck beating Randy in the second fight was amazing. And Chuck redeeming himself when he fought wandy when he inloaded on him and started screaming, that made me jump off the couch. When Wandy KO'd Rampage with the knee and he fell through the ropes. How defeated shogun was after the bullshit fight with Mark Coleman
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