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9/26/08 9:21:33PM
I was just reading about the dude that got KO'd for the 1st time.
It seems like i usually see someone get re-invigerated by trainning talk.
I just found a group of guys that train near where i live and its free. I was trainning for 100 Per month at a gym and it so funny the difference- in a pay to play i think they half assed showed me some subs then tossed me in to Roll with some guys... Theres always that "crank your neck" guy the " go 100%" during rolling and drilling guy.
I seem to be the "cant shake the wrestling habits" guy. Watching the BJJ VS wrestling - BJJ seems so much slower methodical calculated and deliberate. I cant waittill I am more knowledgable. This guy Todd is starting me back at basics and showing me the "why" we do it this way instead of that way,and the little importantces. Im geeked- Im back to 2 days a week and loving it.
9/27/08 11:26:24AM
Awesome, bro.

I guess it's good to be in with a group of guys like that. You know they're doing it for the passion and not for the $$. I had a group like that when I lived down in Tucson but unfortunately we rarely met up. Was always fun when we did, though.
9/28/08 12:23:19PM
kick the dude(s) in the jimmy =)
10/5/08 9:54:19PM
i found a ghappy medium.. my wreslting compliments my bjj now.. it took me a lot of continued rolling to figure that one out.. but i'll always have that intensity in my back pocket when i need it
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