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11/30/09 4:30:14PM

I have to say, the trailer is brief, but it looks pretty damn interesting to me. Flame away!!!
11/30/09 4:41:56PM
Saw this earlier on Fightlinker. It just makes me think that all the rest of the gimmicks have been tried already...unless someone can score the coveted sharks with laser beams in a moat surrounding the cage, then this may be the last true MMA idea.
11/30/09 4:50:58PM
Multiple opponents is a game changer though. There's just so much more to consider (off the top of my head):
1. (probably) Can't go to the ground with another opponent nearby
2. Harder to keep distance from 2 opponents
3. Are the other two developing a strategy against me / can I work with one other to eliminate the 3rd?

...and then there is the offshoot ideas of the offshoot:
Why not a team of fighters against another team...all at the same time (too hard to referee I suppose)
11/30/09 5:06:45PM
Sounds great in fantasy land, but there are plenty of issues:

1) Safety...this should be pretty obvious
2)Corruption...what's stopping fighters from having a back room handshake to team up on the other fighter? I have a feeling that would become common.
3)Regulation...aside from Virginia, who the hell would allow it?
11/30/09 5:20:44PM is the show stopper.

I'm interested in knowing the reasoning behind allowing 3 fighters (assuming Virginia allows it? or was that a crack at Virginians :)?) - is there a presumption that it is "safe enough" but 4 (or 5, or 6...) on 1 is not ?
11/30/09 5:32:32PM
According to what I read, Virginia is sanctioning it.
11/30/09 9:36:36PM
what the...

Looks like one guy gets sucker punched and then the other two go at it.
11/30/09 11:39:41PM

Posted by marcoDGK

what the...

Looks like one guy gets sucker punched and then the other two go at it.

Well...I'd argue it's not really a sucker punch if you know the guy is there, but you're not able to defend it if you take your attention off of him and put it on the other fighter. So the fight becomes every bit about positioning, movement, and avoiding strikes (ala Machida) as it is about attacking.

I think it has some merit. (he says cautiously).
12/1/09 12:31:52AM
So they are going to sanction a professional jumping?
12/1/09 12:50:15PM
Didn't that promo say "no ground game" at about 0:42 of the video.

I'll definitely watch this San-do if three guys fight all at once, I just gotta see a sanctioned event like's too crazy to miss IMO.
12/1/09 3:21:24PM
I'd watch it with a disgusted look of horror for the potential danger splayed across my face. Almost like a train wreck... you just can't turn away.

That being said, any sanctioning body that sanctions this should be ashamed of themselves, IMO
12/12/09 12:16:13AM

Posted by jae_1833

So they are going to sanction a professional jumping?

theyve already sanctioned professional street fighting, why not?
12/12/09 1:41:08AM
That is hillarious. Just think of the eye contact going on before the start of the fight as people try to figure out who is going to be 2 on 1. And then the turning point of every bout is going to be when one of the 2 stabs the other in the back. This is worse than those tag team matches that happened in Japan a year or so ago.
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