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10/18/08 9:46:31AM
Despite being tabbed to headline an MMA event in Mobile, Ala., an injury has forced "The Ultimate Fighter 6" veteran War Machine (formerly known as Jon Koppenhaver) off of tonight's card.

Scheduled opponent Mike Dolce broke the news in "The Underground," a popular online MMA forum, earlier this week and ( was able to confirm the news with War Machine.

"I just pulled by groin a little over a week ago," War Machine said. "Nothing serious, but (it) screwed up my training, and I can't do anything explosive. Sucks."

The bout would have been War Machine's first since a 56-second submission loss to Yoshiyuki Yoshida at UFC 84. The UFC released War Machine from his contract in September after the 26-year-old turned down a proposed bout with Brandon Wolff.

10/18/08 9:47:21AM
All together now, everybody say..............
10/18/08 9:53:13AM
Na Na Na Na
Na Na Na Na
Hey Hey Hey
Goodbye War Machine
10/18/08 11:00:56AM
His entrance music should be 'Six Feet Under's' version of the old Kiss song, 'war machine.' Still though, come on, he isn't going to go anywhere as a fighter. He'll make some money on the lower circuits, maybe fight in EliteXC or something, but he'll never be a serious threat to the top fighters in that division. The fact that he was on TUF will get him several fights in other org's, but really, who cares?
10/18/08 12:49:40PM
I though this kid showed great heart and potential in the fight with J-Rock, but then all his mental issues started coming up, Yoshi exposed his ground game, and then he started bad mouthing the org that was feeding him. He wouldn't accept a fight with Wolff???? WTF!!??? That's just lame!!!
10/18/08 2:15:41PM
wait a sec. like it says. they released em of his contract. now apparently they had him schedualed to headline?
10/18/08 2:16:45PM
nvm i read that wrong
10/18/08 2:58:46PM
He should just fight the voices in his head in a mental hospital
10/19/08 6:35:21PM
why did the ufc terminate his contract ???
10/19/08 6:40:38PM

Posted by keith-hackney1

why did the ufc terminate his contract ???

Because he opened his trap about Evan Tanner and wouldn't accept a fight with Wolf. At the point he was at he had to accept any fight and he didn't because he was scared and he knows it.
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