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8/5/08 12:09:18PM
I was rolling last night and as i transitioned from mount to an armbar, i threw it on hard and spiked my shoulder into the puzzle mat. i finshed the hold but i couldnt lift my right arm. turns out i have a AC seperation does anyone had this or know what the recovery is like. thanks in advance for responses
8/5/08 12:17:43PM
I hit a gramby roll and when i did the guy drove me into the matt- i have a 3rd degree tear off the ac joint- how bad is yours?? surgury is an option buy for me i had to take 4 months off then start rehabbing- i will never have 100% strength- prob 90-95% - other than a weird and nasty knott on my shoulder i am fine now- it hurt for a long time while i was (AM) rehabbing it. Usually the people that get surgury are pro-Atheletes ( the surgury was 1st iven to Brian Griese the footballer player ( go Michigan wolverines!)
8/5/08 12:28:22PM
im going to the doc today, the ER doc said it was prolly a grade 1 or 2 cuz it doesnt hurt real bad. did you have the bump right away or did it come later because i dont have one
8/5/08 1:29:44PM
I have had 3 shoulder separations. Two on my left and one on my right. I don't know how bad I did them because the doctor didn't assess me a "degree" for the separation, though it was probably 1st or 2nd because I didn't need surgery. Judging by how you did it, my guess would be that it is minor.

That being said, I would say it would take 2-4 weeks for healing, followed by another 2-4 weeks for recovery and rehab. But this will depend on your age and physical condition.

My opinion is not to rush in getting back to training. In my experience it will just get hurt again and it will set you back even longer.

To give you a sense of how bad mine was (well the right shoulder, which was the first). It hurt to just get out of bed for about a week. I was amazed at how much shoulders were used to get out of bed. To give you a sense of how bad it was, my pain tolerance is about in the 95 percentile. i.e. I can sprain my MCL and not even change my facial expression. I didn't need a sling because my comfort zone was a neutral arm position, but like you, I was unable to lift my arm over my head. It took about 2 months before I started training again, but I was able to work after about a week because I mostly used my left arm for lifting (I bussed tables back then (it was in highschool).

I have bumps on both my shoulders and my shoulder movement is down to about 90-95% of what it was prior to my injuries. I hate to say it, but welcome to the world of shoulder separations. You shoulder might still be swollen which is why you don't see the bump.

My advice is to make sure you do rehab either at physio or at home and ensure that you do not go back to train until 2-4 weeks after you think it is totally healed. It wont take much to re-injure if you go back too soon. Just look at how little it took to do it in the first place.
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