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7/3/07 2:53:40PM
What injurys or past injurys can stop someone from competeing ?

what about a Indirect inguinal hernia ? even if you had the surgery to fix it ?
7/3/07 6:33:50PM
This is just my opinion, but I think most serious knee injuries (ACL/MCL) can really put an end to a career. I am really shocked to see some guys come back after having their knees rebuilt (Gurgel comes to mind), but all in all, I think it'll hurt their career at best.

Ken Shamrock came back after having a broken neck.
7/4/07 6:41:44AM
shoulders are prob the worst. once you pop out your shoulder that basically it. look at manny. lost his fight cuz his shoulder poped out. and my friend danny who was on my school wrestln team poped his right arm out and that ruined his wrestln days. it pops out every once in a while if he moves it wrong. and that sucks to because he was undefeted and our school is the best in southwest.
7/5/07 12:20:39PM
wow ... that sucks

thanks god i just had a hernia haha
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