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10/15/12 2:02:25AM
So in the last few months there has been quite a few injuries in my gym. We all know that MMA is a dangerous sport. When fighters come in on a daily basis and punch, kick, choke and joint lock each other there are bound to be injuries. however, I have seen more injuries happen because of weird, freak accidents lately. a few months back I ruptured an organ while rolling jujitsu, we were even going light, just kind of feeding each other sweeps and stuff when I got kneed in a weird spot. next thing I know I'm in surgery. another time a fighter was practicing take downs when somebodies bigtoe went in his eye and broke his ocular bone. then, today, me and another fighter were kickboxing with takedowns and I threw a knee tap the same time he tried a lateral drop and my head landed in his jaw and broke it in 2 places. I consider these fairly serious injuries.

my question is, what are some of the injuries others have had while training MMA, jujitsu, kickboxing etc.? anything weird that you have seen? has anybody had to give up a sport because of injuries?
10/15/12 9:46:44AM
i broke my hand on a guy's face once, he needed stitches but my hand was jacked for weeks
10/15/12 10:35:48AM
Nothing strange about the injuries that I can think of but I have seen a ton of them. Its the nature of the sport. I had to cut my rolling time back a ton due to a seperated shoulder. I was on top in mount I went for a belly down armbar on a dude that had a belly that didn't allow my knees to touch the ground. When I went forward with it I tried to post on my head and it fucked me up real nice.
10/15/12 11:31:25AM
I saw a guys ankle get broken cause he refused to tap. He deserved it. From what I heard the guy was a pomus prick. I was visiting this gym with a friend. Glad I came that night. Their trainer wasnt even mad. I thought the dude should have let up, because we talking about practice, but, whatever.
10/15/12 12:39:20PM
i have seen lots of people get their arm broke from not tapping. its always a bad idea not to tap to an armlock. live to fight another day right.
10/15/12 5:05:02PM
Didn't you guys move your gym to some new digs? I remember Hougland was buying (or bought?) a different place to move the gym to....f I'm remembering right. Could the new building be cursed?
10/15/12 5:19:46PM
Me and a guy who I've rolled with multiple times accidentally got his elbow dislocated from an armbar.

He was in my guard and I went for a triangle. He tried to stack me but I switched to an armbar. His momentum from trying to stack and me locking it in made him fall forward over me and his elbow just kind of bent the wrong way

I felt horrible
10/15/12 7:37:13PM
I got a free month of muay thai classes as a gift last spring & they nearly killed me! haha I've never been so sore!!!
ANYWAYS My first class we were doing a little pad work & everyone partnered up. Luckily a couple buddies of mine came with me & we took it slow on each other. The class bonehead (who obviously mistook this little after work fitness class as a ufc training camp) got partnered up with a 5 foot nothing middle aged chubby fellow & everyone got to work. Even tho the trainer would advise everyone to take it easy & have fun this bonehead would CRUSH the pads every time like he just caught them in bed with his mother. 5 minutes in everything is going smooth until the trainer calls for a right high kick & just then the chubby fellow slipped on some sweat & stumbled forward directly into the path of the monster head kick that the bonehead had thrown & SMACK! The little fellow did his best Paulo Thiago impression (vs Siyar) & was laid out cold. He woke up shook but mostly embarrassed. To his credit he came back to class after a week & told everyone he was slightly concussed. haha That stupid bonehead never even apologized I think
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