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11/20/08 8:44:49PM
You think they will bring the guys back who won their fights but got hurt. britt, grigoryan and mclaughlin. personally i sure hope so. i know grigoryan didn't won a shady decision but he fared much better then primm. mclaughlin also looked good in his fight. the guy i want to see most is antwain britt, he looked like he had the tools to be a pretty decent fighter.
11/20/08 8:48:44PM
i dont think they will, but there is always a chance. they did it on the TUF 6 finale with Roman Mitichyan
11/20/08 9:09:37PM
tru but that was one guy this is three
11/20/08 9:26:46PM
I doubt it because they didnt get much exposure from TUF as the other guys. But it would be nice.
11/21/08 6:36:37PM
antwain is a fighting machine after tuf he faught like 4 time(a win vs wayne cole by tko)
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