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2/11/09 4:30:09PM

trailer is up now!!

I am pretty freaking pumped to see this movie, I am a big Tarantino fan...and this just looks kickass!!

anyone else, looking forward to this flick?
2/11/09 4:47:56PM
dude.....YEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....this movie is gonna be the sh*t
2/11/09 4:50:10PM
i haven't heard about this movie until i just watched the trailer. this movie looks awesome.
2/11/09 5:28:10PM
They misspelled bastards. Never heard of this but looks a little ridiculous. The Brad Pitt accent doesn't help.
2/11/09 5:35:44PM
Oh **** this is gonna be dope!!
2/11/09 5:48:41PM
can't wait to see the straight up gore and the preposterousness of the death scenes. this movie looks awesome
2/11/09 5:51:06PM

Posted by Ulfhethnar6

They misspelled bastards. Never heard of this but looks a little ridiculous. The Brad Pitt accent doesn't help.

well its actually sort of a remake, so he had to stick somewhat to the plot and the title (although I am not real sure why he changed the a to an e)...which he says the original is one of his favorite movies of all time.

I have not seen the original, as the only place I have ever saw it was at Borders and they wanted over $35 for it...
2/11/09 7:07:36PM
Tarantino is the ****
2/12/09 1:21:04AM
god i hate tarantino. all his movies are based on style and absolutly no substance.
2/12/09 12:49:00PM
I've been hearing about this movie for almost 6 or 7 years now. It was supposed to be his next project even before Kill Bill. Glad they finally got it done.
2/13/09 7:38:02AM
hmmmmmm, I was looking forward to this before i saw the trailer. In all honesty I didint think that Tarantino would take this kind of gory action movie approach with a story that had a chance to be very epic. I also thought Madsen was supposed to be in there?!?! I'm just hoping this wont be a total disappointment cause i do really enjoy a good tarantino flick. with that said, i'll still be going to see it on opening night, just for the fact that again its a quentin tarantino movie. I'm just not super pumped
2/13/09 8:40:28AM
no one ever notices that inglorious is also spelled incorrectly.

It's actually called "IngloUrious Basterds" and I'm pretty sure it's like that because it is the name they are given by their enemies (who have accents) so it's written phonetically, as it would have sounded from their mouths.

I've also heard theories that it's because Brad Pitt's character is an illiterate hillbilly or that tarantino did it just to distinguish it from the original, but I'm pretty sure their enemy gives them that name, not Pitt's character himself, so this explanation doesn't jive with me. Distinguishing the two movies is a possibility, but the first explanation is what makes the most sense to me.