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7/6/09 2:25:00PM
All this week: We are recapping the key UFC bouts that changed perception or behavior in or around the Octagon. (Part one, with the first half of the top 10, can be viewed here.)

7/6/09 3:37:40PM
Poor choices, IMO.

Gerrard Gordou vs Tili(sp)

First UFC fight. Its hard to say it changed the UFC since it was the first fight. But everyone will tell, fighters and fans, that what they expected going into the show changed the moment Gordou landed that kick to the face. It set the tone of what NHB and the UFC at the time would be.

Tito vs Ken 1,2, and 3.

Each match signified a new era and growth of the sport. The first was one of the first big main events of the Modern MMA era. Breaking the 150K PPV buy mark for the first time in 10 years. And launching the popularity of the new posterboy, Tito Ortiz, that laid the foundation for mainstream acceptable fighters later like Chuck, Couture, GSP, Forrest, QJ, etc
The rematch was infront of a new, much larger fan base. Match was capping off a drama filled TUF which had very good rating. Maybe a little over dramatic. But the crowds came and the PPVs sold. Things went awry and a 3rd was needed, or maybe not.
The final match was free on TV and at the time was the largest rating match in TV/MMA history. A important step in the many steps taken to get MMA and the UFC to where it is today.

Bonner vs Forrest

Hands down the single most important fight to this point in reguards of MMA/UFC popularity. The fight ushered in the age of TUF as the building block of creating superstars that the UFC still uses today for Both coach and fighter.
7/6/09 6:08:14PM
Ehhhh I agree on all but the bonner/griffin. Only thing impressive was the heart.But Im sure would been same outcome no matter who made it in end if it was going the distance..They were starving and they knew that was time to man up.Not taking anything form them but neither of them really impressed me, was just two decent fighters willing to take alot of punishment for the oppurtunity at the end. Id have to say the gracie/kimo fight lol. Because imo it was first showcase that ufc NEEDED MORE RULES desperatly. No gloves and no wieght class at time, and showed that it wasnt about who had best technique or who strongest . Just think it snowballed alot as far as evolving to more of a actual contest. I found nothing justifiable about calling someone a champion simply because they locked onto someone the whole bout like a spidermonkey.
7/6/09 11:04:17PM
i say Royce vs Kimo UFC 3

if Royce were to lose that fight it could have put an end to the UFC right then and there
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