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10/23/07 10:50:01AM

I have been watching the UFC for a year. I started looking at ohter promotion so far I looked at KOTC and IFL. IFL was fun but KOTC seem a bit amature'ish and nowhere near the UFC calibre.

What other organization are you guys watching, by just watching UFC am missing some great fight?
10/23/07 1:24:45PM
K-1 is a good organization to follow. Any form of Muay Thai tha you can find. They are very solid, athletic fighters. Some fighters that you may wanna check out are guys like Remy Bonjasky (my personal favorite), Buakaw Por Pramuk, Ramon Dekkers (back in the day), Ernesto Hoost... etc. etc.
10/23/07 2:23:49PM
K-1 HERO'S, EliteXC (Including Strike Force and Icon), IFL and Cage Rage are all organizations that I follow closely. Check 'em out!
10/23/07 10:12:53PM
I've only seen IFL on tv like twice. Is it usually PPV or what because I never see it on. Maybe it's where I live but I've been wanting to watch it.
10/24/07 8:43:08PM
The IFL airs on FSN and MYNetworktv.
10/24/07 11:14:03PM
Damn. Don't get the channels.
10/25/07 1:41:32AM
WEC on Versus is a good choice if you like the UFC. A lot of quality fighters and really good production. It's Zuffa owned btw.

It's the small company I want the most to succeed.
10/25/07 1:48:12AM
Elite XC, the only org. IMO that can even come close to competing with UFC right now. IFL COULD but they rather promote "Team Fighting" then making there fighters champs who hold belts and include them as best in the world..

K-1 Hero's is pretty good but I think it's more of the stand up MMA but they ahve some good ground fighters too though definitely...
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