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11/12/08 1:18:42PM
MMA is much more than a sport – it’s a lifestyle.

The MMA we know and love exists well beyond the action that we see in a cage or ring. The term MMA has also become synonymous with a type of clothing, a genre of music, an attitude, and a specific way that people choose to live their lives.

So, when people talk about the rapid ascension and growth that MMA has experienced they mean well-more than the sport. Thus, the purpose of’s Industry Spotlight is to shine some light on MMA companies experiencing success and reward them for some of the unique things they’re doing to help grow MMA.

Today, I’ll be taking a look at Round 5 MMA – an organization experiencing a little rapid growth and prosperity of its own. Fortunately, I was able to sit down with the co-founder of Round 5, Damon Lau, and former UFC Lightweight Champion, Sean Sherk, to discuss the company.

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