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12/26/08 8:23:56AM
Just letting everyone know that I will be away next week due to family/personal issues. Nothing life-or-death but it'll keep me away from the site for about a week. I'll be here for UFC 92 then I'm gone until January 4, but there is a chance I could be back by the 2nd or 3rd. If you would normally contact me for help or problems on the site please contact one of the other mods instead as you won't get a reply ffrom me until I return.

Thanks and everyone have a safe New Year's Holiday.

12/31/08 2:47:14PM
Just a quick update...looks like I'll be back Saturday, maybe even as early as Friday. Please continue to contact other mods/admins if you have site-related issues or questions. Please don't PM me as I won't read them until it's probably too late.

1/1 edit: I'll be back Friday, but may need a couple days to get caught up on everything that's been happening. I should be back at full-speed by Monday.
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