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9/7/07 6:00:08AM
my flexibility is really bad and is a major hinderance in my judo and bjj games. does anyone have any tricks on improving it besides just stretching regularly and working on it? any specific stretches that are not commonly known.

basically what i do now is just basic stretching. i also spend a lot of time on my back basically pulling my legs into positions similar to rubber gaurd (by myself but where my legs would be) and holding it and trying to get further and further.

im making some progress but it is slow going. any tips to help things move along?
9/7/07 8:11:24AM
If there is a yoga class in your area I'd suggest going for at least a few classes and learning some of those stretches. Nowadays you can often find cheap classes through a community college or YMCA. The breathing and balance positions are useful, too. There are some grappling/striking specific stretches that should be done in addition (neck bridges, dynamic-kicking exercises, splits...), but those are ones you should be getting some exposure to in your martial arts classes--or are you training on your own right now?
9/7/07 10:22:46AM

Yoga is by and far the best way to improve your flexibility. Not only does it do that, but I find that it improves your concentration, your overall understanding of what your body can and cannot do as well as improved breathing techniques in tight situations. We start every single BJJ class with yoga as a warm up! I find other than the flexibility, the greatest advantage to this is the breathing techniques and concentration it takes to do the stretches and hold them while taking slow deep breaths. This helps you to relax, slow down your heart rate, not panic and get air to your lungs when your body is put in all kinds of uncomfortable positions. This help significantly with your submission defense.

So if you want to just improve your flexibility, stretch. If you want to improve your flexibility, submission defense and concentration, then do yoga. You should maybe consider switching to a gym that incorporates yoga with BJJ and judo.
9/7/07 8:48:03PM
looks like i need to do some yoga. too bad cause i really dont want to but it sounds like exactly what i need, especially since i am having a tough time with my breathing when rolling as well as my flexibility. turns out holding your breath and then gasping for air is a good way to tire yourself out very quickly...
9/8/07 3:33:09PM
does anyone have any video yoga to recomend....a torrent or download would be even better, as i would like to avoid going to yoga class (im busy already and there are only so many lessons a single 29 year old father can take and ive already got judo and bjj).

thanks for your help,
9/9/07 6:40:44PM
There are a lot of good and a lot of bad yoga styles out there describing themselves as "power yoga". The programs from Baron Baptiste are among the good ones but I don't know where to find downloads.

9/14/07 6:07:52PM
For rubber guard style stretches work on butterfly stretches to warm up a bit, put your right heal on top of your left thigh as close to your pelvic area as possible (while sitting) and try to push your knee to the floor & alternate, put yourself in the "triangle" position and try to pull the top knee to your head & alternate. Do each one of these for about 30seconds each stretch for about 15 min a day. Any other kind of stretches (or if you need a vid of them or something) hit me up with a PM
9/15/07 1:49:36PM

Seriously, I took yoga for 2 months and it helped my flexibility a lot. Good stuff, valuable for grappling training.