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3/17/10 10:59:38PM
Who is the most improved from the beginning of their ufc career till now?
3/17/10 11:23:22PM
A lot of your top guys have. Like GSP, BJ Penn, Frank Mir, Chael Sonnen, Jon Fitch, Thiago Alves, KOS, Kenny Florian, Frankie Edgar, and Gray Maynard. All of those guys have improved hugely and really hard to say which one has improved the most.
3/17/10 11:36:21PM
Frank Mir has improved greatly, his boxing is improving every time we see him.

Rashad has developed into a well rounded top five guy, even though, I think Machida took his chin.

Kenny Florian has developed into one of the best fighters in his weight class, and would be considered in the same conversation as GSP, Andy, and Machida, if it weren't for that Penn guy.

George Sotiropolous has went from an average fighter to a dominant top ten guy.

I think Rashad gets the edge even though I dislike him, you got to give him props, from a competitive stand point he has come a long way from a good college wrestler to a very intelligent guy who knows how to win fights and stay competitive.
3/18/10 1:34:54AM
Bj probably because we all knew his potential talent was crazy but now he's finally reached it. At LW it's just hard to see any hole in his game. Like besides against non-UFC lw's what other question hasn't he already answered?

Some lesser names that have improved greatly to potential threats, Patrick Cote, he went from couldn't buy a UFC win to a UFC title shot. Alan Blecher a few years ago he got submitted by Kendall Grove, decision by OKami and caught a beatdown by Jason Day whose nowhere to be found, and now he's approaching contender status. Melvin Guillard even though he's had very close questionable decisions, you can't deny his improvement and maturity.

3/18/10 5:04:13AM
Ken Shamrock for sure lolz
3/18/10 11:27:42AM
Kenny florian and josh koscheck
3/18/10 12:33:09PM
Ben Saunders, Diego Sanchez, Georges St. Pierre
3/19/10 4:45:36PM
GSP, koscheck, and chael sonnen. i think sonnen has improved tremendously and it really showed in the domination of marquart.
3/19/10 8:43:03PM
A lot of guys have trasitioned very well. I really like KOS and Frank Edgar. They have used their wrestling early in their respective careers to win fights with top control and GnP. And now use it to set up boxing combos. Especialy Frank, He is very crisp with his strikes now. GSP never wrestled until he started trainging MMA and is the best wrestler in his Div. That is crazy!. Thats what i love about this sport. Look at guys coming in like John Jones and Phil Davis. Very strong, great wrestler. jones already has the stand up. Davis has potential to adapt his wrestling
3/20/10 4:59:08PM
BJ has always been a great fighter, he just never used to train as much.

Anderson Silva has improved immensely since the start of his career, who would of ever guessed that he would be the best fighter on the planet before he came to the UFC? nobody, probably including himself. He was just know as a decent striker back then, he was never anything special and then he just exploded on the scene smashing everyone.

*** damn just realised its about UFC careers only, d'oh. Probably go with Koscheck then
3/20/10 5:36:30PM
Frank Mir.

Back in 2007 I remember everyone saying Mir was done, they said he was a washed up former champ whose injuries over came him, and that he always had the potential but never reached it. Right before his fight with Hardonk, people actually said Hardonk was a favorite.

Mir showed how great he really is and improved greatly as a fighter, beating Hardonk, Lesnar, Nog, and Kongo, and won a title in the fight with Nog.

Showed hes still a top HW.
3/20/10 10:22:57PM
Yeah i kinda overlooked Frank. A pure BJJ guy, now has strikes to compete with the best. Cant wait for 111
3/21/10 9:37:41PM
George Sotiropolous, Chael Sonnan and Frank Mir are the top three, Sonnan has gone from submission prone to slippery Sonnan the Barbarian
3/22/10 12:13:05AM
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