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11/23/13 5:44:25AM
Idea comes from the recent Matt Brown streak. Freakin crazy to believe he was literally fighting for his UFC life in ado or die against John Howard a few years ago and now hes tearing through guys even though they arent the most spectacular names its been damn exciting and impressive.

Another one that comes to mind is Cotes mean streak coming out of nowhere before the Anderson fight. I remember dude couldnt even buy a UFC win before he fought Scott Smith and was fighting for his UFC life but once he KOd Kendall Grove he was a new man.
11/23/13 8:13:48AM
Tj grant for sure.

Rich clementi had a streak going.
So did Jorge Rivera

Melvin guillard as well
11/23/13 2:41:58PM
11/23/13 4:25:37PM
Good call on Rivera and Guillard.

Ww can definitely throw Mark Hunt in there. Nobody ever expected him to go on a four fight win streak.

Alessio Sakara too before he ran into stann
11/23/13 5:19:22PM
Perosh before Jimmo merk'd him.
I think he beats Bader next month
11/23/13 7:57:33PM
matt brown has been on a terror. beat some big names. rick story had a good one too.
11/24/13 7:26:40PM
Does Anderson Silva count? He didn't look too hot in Pride, but he started to put things together in King of the Cage, and he never looked back.
11/25/13 1:46:54AM
Tim Boetsch has that nice stretch when he moved down to MW, beating guys like Okami & Lombard in fights no one really gave him a chance in, which definitely impressed me.

Brian Ebersole too when he first came into the UFC on short notice too. Just looked really awesome until his last 2 fights

Robbie Lawler too has looked just great and has finally found some consistency.
11/25/13 5:27:43AM
Marcus Davis
11/25/13 6:46:30AM
Sotiropolous ultimate journeyman, trained all over the world,
11/25/13 6:48:16AM
Driven Davies made a good point in ebersole too.
11/25/13 6:53:52AM
Georges St. Pierre: 12 wins (8/25/07 – present)
Jon Jones: 10 wins (3/21/10 – present)
Chris Weidman: 6 wins (3/3/11 – present)
Renan Barao: 6 wins (5/28/11 – present)
Francis Carmont: 6 wins (10/29/11 – present)
Matt Brown: 6 wins (2/4/12 – present)
Jose Aldo: 5 wins (4/30/11 – present)
Rafael Assunção: 5 wins (8/27/11 – present)
TJ Grant: 5 wins (10/1/11 – present)
Khabib Nurmagomedov: 5 wins (1/20/12 – present)
Cub Swanson: 5 wins (1/28/12 – present)
Dennis Bermudez: 5 wins (5/5/12 – present)
Rafael Dos Anjos: 5 wins (5/15/12 – present)
Glover Teixeira: 5 wins (5/26/12 – present)
Josh Barnett: 4 wins (6/29/01 – present)
Ricardo Lamas: 4 wins (6/26/11 – present)
Anthony Pettis: 4 wins (10/8/11 – present)
Brad Tavares: 4 wins (5/15/12 – present)
Cain Velasquez: 4 wins (5/26/12 – present)
Myles Jury: 4 wins (6/1/12 – present)
Demetrious Johnson: 4 wins (6/8/12 – present)
Chad Mendes: 4 wins (7/7/12 – present)
John Lineker: 4 wins (11/10/12 – present)

If you are reading this it's because I have not edited it to give my opinion yet. But I won't tease you. Josh Barnetts on the longest UFC win steak maybe of all time.
11/26/13 11:56:21AM
Jake Shields streak saw him go from Journeyman to one of the best p4p fighters in the world:

Igor Vovchaynchan 35 fight unbeaten streak in the mid 90's was also pretty epic and propelled him to the biggest stage in MMA history
11/27/13 9:11:15AM

Cope, Thompson, Ramos, Swick, Mein, Pyle.
This is the case of the Argentinian rugby team, you play most teams once/twice a year. Except you only play Argentinian rugby team during the world cup. You check the footage on them and all there wins are like 40-0 against awful teams. The only tape you have on them they are ripping through teams, showing no weaknesses. It's hard to say whether they're awesome or just on fire against nobodies. Whatever the case there confidence is a weapon in itself.

Garza, Hayden..., Grice, Holloway, Siler

Saunders, Johnson, Nijem, Ricci - This is a prime example of the UFC building talent. There is so many people in some divisions they don't just have the best, they also have guys who are there for little to no purpose.

Yang, Kong, McDaniel, Fukuda

Rafael Assunção - Cleared of being a midcarder due to Easton and Dillishaw but what was he doing facing Vaughan Lee?
TJ Grant - Barely cleared of being a midcarder due to Maynard...
John Linekar - cleared of being a midcarder due to finishes and the lack of depth at FLY
Carmont - Barely cleared of being a midcarder due to beating 5-0 Phillipou