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2/21/10 11:14:05AM
another fight in the books, was way better than the fights a few weeks back
i was dissapointed in cro cop's and stevenson's performances

george looked really good, wandeli as well

i do think that cain is ready for that title shot, and if i had it my way since it only lasted minutes i would place the title shot in may and have winner or carwin vs mir fight in aug vs winner of lesnar vs cain

big nog probably will take some time off and come back face loser of carwin vs mir or face say winner of yvel vs barry

george who knows,
maybe a sean sherk next or gray maynard next

jardine i doubt will be cut, i would say krstolf next

bader i think is a fight or two away from title
likely take on a rashad evans or thiago silva next or winner of jones/vera fight

crocop i hear will face rothwell likely in june

joe daddy maybe a sherk or guida
i would like to see him face gray maynard
2/21/10 11:29:32AM
I was really pretty impressed by all the winners on the main card minus Cro Cop. Cain was the one who impressed me the most hands down. I think he is ready for anyone. I want to see him against Brock. Mir/Carwin should take a backseat to this guy IMO. He looks to be a real monster. I'd love to see him holding the belt instead of Lesnar.

Sotiropolous looks serious at 155. I think he should be fighting all the top guys.

Wanderlei looks like maybe he can do some damage at 185. He looks to be in great shape, and motivated. I'm really hoping the weight cut adds some time to his career.

Bader looked very good as well. I didn't think he'd finish Jardine, and he did it in a pretty impressive fashion. He's proving to be more than just a really good wrestler.

Some really big wins for guys last night. I'm really happy for the winners. Nog losing was the one real disappointment for me, but I'm really happy for Cain. Good stuff last night. It will be interesting to see what's next for the winners.
2/21/10 11:37:25AM



Who didn't impress me?

Perosh. Duh.

Stevenson. It was nice to see him get OWNED after watching that ridiculous entrance. He thought this fight was in the books. False!

Cro Cop. I still think Rothwell would have destroyed him.
2/21/10 12:48:29PM
i think bader needs to work his cardio alot more if hes gonna be taking on a champion.

Wand looked awesome!
2/21/10 1:20:30PM
Georgey BOY!
2/21/10 2:30:58PM
I had Nog winning this fight. I was shocked he got stopped so early.
2/21/10 4:04:24PM
Sotiropolous! dang, what a fight that was!

Everyone of those fights was exciting but Sotiropolous vs Stevenson was my favorite fight. I loved watching Valasquez KO Big Nog but that fight was just so exciting the whole time.
2/21/10 4:15:10PM
Sotiroupolous was amazing . That was one of the best fights ive ever seen . omoplatas , d'arce from the bottom , anaconda , armlocks , just a plethora of submissions and transitions . Georges passing is amazing to watch . I can only think of 2 guys at light weight on par with georges passing , Aoki and BJ Penn . Ive rewatched that fight 2 more times since the card ended

Of course cain impressed me too , but im still salty about nog losing
2/21/10 4:18:56PM
Cain most impressive by far. Bader impressive only because he won, not performance impressive.

Those are the only two really.
2/21/10 4:32:30PM

Posted by seanfu

Cain most impressive by far. Bader impressive only because he won, not performance impressive.

Those are the only two really.

You weren't impressed by Sotiropolous at all? If not, it takes A LOT to impress you.
2/21/10 4:53:07PM
George Sotiropolous definitely impressed me the most, I wanted him to win, but I didn't think he would doninate Stevenson the way he did. I am eager as to see who they put him up against next.

Cain also impressed me a lot last night, just cause I never thought that he'd be able to KO Nog.

Chris Lytle's Kneebar was also impressive to me, for the fact that you almost never see kneebar's anymore, so props to him for it.
2/21/10 5:50:29PM
I was surprised by how much the stand up of George had improved. I mean I thought that He would have the edge one the ground against Joe but I didnt think he would win the stand-up battle as well
-Very Impressed
Guida next

Bader... I thought his day would come later, but he stepped up last night. Very Impressive, still rough around the edges and years away from being a champ, but damn does this guy have what it takes or what...
winner of Vera v Jones next

Cain... Cain, Cain, Cain, WOW He looked so Crisp and powerful. He may not be the best striker in the Div. but he has enough to hang and the wrestling to win. A fight with Lesnar will be amazing.
-Very Very Impressed
Title shot or JDS next.

As for the Losers, who do they fight next...

Jardine vs Bonnar (loser walks)
Joe vs ??? a new guy, dont know
Nog vs Gonzaga
2/22/10 11:36:53PM
Cain was very, very impressive. It's nice to see about 6 really good HW's in the UFC, don't recall ever being able to say that before.

and the george Something looked really good. Much bigger than I thought he was, it was a really good win.

And I thought Foster was looking pretty good in the loss.
2/23/10 12:36:14AM
George all day. Give him Gray Maynard next and see who fights BJ/Edgar for the belt . Or Florian. that would be a sick fight
2/23/10 11:08:44AM
George and Cain looked amazing. i didn't pick either guy to win but I was hoping George would.

Bader didn't impress me at all. He was losing that fight IMO and he caught a glass-jawed jardine with a big punch. So what? His cardio is still terrible.

Cro Cop was fed a win and the performance was still less than spectacular.

Wandy looked great to. I think Bisping gave him his very best in that fight and Wandy owned him anyway.
2/23/10 11:37:52AM

Posted by bjj1605
Bader didn't impress me at all. He was losing that fight IMO and he caught a glass-jawed jardine with a big punch. So what? His cardio is still terrible.

I don't see how his cardio was terrible. He was still throwing bombs consistently in the third.

I was definitely impressed by George and Cain. Love watching really active guys on the ground. Technically sound jiu-jitsu is fun to watch. And Cain's hands and leg kicks were punishing. I can't wait to see what he does next.
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