Who impressed you most at UFC on FOX 3?

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POLL: Who impressed you most?
Nate Diaz 39% (17)
Alan Belcher 50% (22)
Michael Johnson 5% (2)
Roland Delorme 5% (2)
Louis Gaudinout 2% (1)
Lavar Johnson 0% (0)
5/6/12 1:21:46PM
I'd like to add Bermudez to the poll, but since there are only 6, these are the choices. If you have another guy in mind add him in the thread.

For me it's Belcher. He dominated Paul Harris in his world and threatened a twister and banana splits before the big GnP. The guy was awesome and I'm glad he's back and healthy.
5/6/12 1:34:56PM
Belcher without a doubt
5/6/12 1:34:57PM
I knew Belcher was that good, what really surprised me is how many people picked against him. For me its still Diaz impressing me. Being able to rock and submit an elite fighter like Miller really impressed me. Every time Diaz fight this kid is getting better. Still impresses me every time.
5/6/12 1:37:17PM
For me it's Diaz. He was the only one facing a top 5 guy in his division and he was never in any danger, about tripled the striking output of Miller, never was close to being taken down, won the battle in clinch distance as well, bloodied Miller up and choked him out in just 9 minutes, being the first person to finish Jim Miller in 27 professional fights. Something Edgar, Benson, Maynard, Bocek, Wiman, Guillard, Tibau, Oliveira, Shalorus, Danzig, etc couldn't come close to doing and he did it with ease like it was a warm up fight just to stay fresh. Total domination.

Belcher was very impressive also, but he was in more than one tight spot where he was potentially seconds from a tap and in danger for minutes. Once he used his GNP it was very impressive, but Miller was higher up the ladder at 155 than Paul was at 185, and Nate was never in any danger while Belcher was for half the fight so I have to go with Nate. Both were very impressive though.
5/6/12 1:38:59PM
Because he's pretty far down on the food chain, I'm guessing Delorme isn't going to get a lot of votes here, but that dude took some hard shots and showed good striking to go with his ground game. I was extremely impressed with him last night, and he's turned me from thinking he wasn't UFC talent to thinking he might just be a prospect that could end up doing really well in the UFC.

Nate also was excellent, and these last 2 fights, especially, have been dominant performances. Like his brother, he was born to do this.
5/6/12 1:46:39PM
Alan Belcher. A lot of the hardcore fans had him written off (including me) but he won and done so while surviving Rousimar's leglocks.

Besides, he has a cult folllowing here in Mississippi. lol
5/6/12 1:56:20PM
Probably Diaz. I know Belcher's win was huge and all but Diaz dominated and finished a guy that had never been stopped and had only lost to the top 3 Lightweights in the world. If that isn't impressive I don't know what is.
5/6/12 1:57:38PM

I thought he was out on his feet. Came back and dazed Denis, then locked the sub and got the tap with a second left.

I was pissed, as Denis should have had it finished and shouldn't have to tried to get up at the end there and then gave up his back. Had Denis R2 tko and in my parlay.

And like I said in the results thread last night, I thought the ref might stop it on the feet b/c Roland looked out of it, but not as bad as Kongo did in Barry fight.
5/6/12 3:08:39PM
I have to go with Belcher. He was able to work his way out of sub after sub and then GnP his way to a stoppage against a very tough guy.

Now I will give Diaz props but I will point out that Diaz hasn't fought anyone in his last 3 fights that I would say has great TDs and BJJ defense. Just like his brother most of his opponents I feel are hand picked for his style.
5/6/12 3:36:04PM
Gotta say diaz followed by belcher.

Playing with fire and didnt get burned.
5/6/12 4:57:13PM
I think the trip to 170 was the best think Nate ever did. He got his ass kicked against Rory and since that point he has been fully motivated and sharper than he's ever looked. He's got a lot of confidence too and this win is going to further that confidence level. He's going to be a tough fight for either Edgar or Bendo. I can't wait to see it.
5/6/12 5:04:03PM
i said belcher, just because he beat palhares at his own game basically and nate second only because he was great in his last two fights aswell and i knew he would bring it in this one, wheras in the belcher fight i didn't know what to expect.
5/6/12 5:48:37PM
I've seen it a ton of times but never put two and two together but apparently the Diaz brothers warm up for every single fight in jeans and always have until just before they go out.
5/6/12 6:10:14PM
I will say Alan Belcher.

Nate Diaz was brilliant, but I have high expectations for both him and Miller, so neither man displaying world-class skill would have surprised me. Of course it was impressive Diaz was able to execute at such a high level against a top-tier fighter, but Belcher exceeded expectations by miles.

I would have never guessed Belcher would threaten with some obscure, difficult ju-jitsu or be able to keep his composure with Rousimar all over his legs. Very well-rounded showing from Belcher and hopefully a performance that has earned him a fight against a top-5 fighter in the division.

5/6/12 6:14:50PM
I think Michael Johnson's improvement in his all around stand-up was most impressing to me personally. No doubt I was impressed with Diaz and Belcher, I even picked against them, but I think we all know what they are capable of when they fight their best.
5/6/12 6:15:34PM
Mike Goldberg.....for referring to Johny Hendricks as a LW
5/7/12 5:14:03AM
goldberg has improved heaps though, i was watching an old ufc wired the other day, listening to him made me cringe.
5/7/12 12:05:38PM

Posted by aussiemma

goldberg has improved heaps though, i was watching an old ufc wired the other day, listening to him made me cringe.

I don't think I can agree with that. He's getting worse imo. He's so awkward when he speaks and when he's not repeating himself over and over he's saying things at inopportune moments like when two guys are exchanging or when Rogan is clearly trying to say something. And when Joe says a point in round one expect to hear the same point said multiple times in rounds 2 and 3 by Goldberg. Then there's the constant mistakes and Rogan having to correct him at least once or twice a card.

It might just be me but I can't stand his commentary and the only reason I don't mute is because of Rogan. I wouldn't mind having them pair Rogan and Aink for a while to see how that works. Doubt it'll happen though
5/7/12 6:13:28PM
Although he does make mistakes i still think he has improved heaps since the early days, go listen to an old unleashed or wired show he was horrible back then..i dont understand how he has gotten worse ? he's been doing it for ten years and has obviously improved, both with his knowledge and commentary.
you cant deny that rogan and goldberg make a good team it kind of balances out between them lol
5/7/12 8:53:58PM
Belcher. That really surprised me. I was arguing with someone about it the day before saying there was no way Palhares was going to lose to Belcher, so I had to eat my words on that one. I had totally discounted him, but also because I think Palhares is really exciting to watch so was looking forward to one of his brutal leg-locks, and especially when it went to the ground, I thought it was just a matter of time. Belcher definitely surprised me - not just that he won the fight - but in how he won it.

Nate was good too. I think a Nate vs Bendo match is just a matter of time now...
5/9/12 2:12:19PM
Nate Diaz
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