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POLL: Who impressed you the most
GSP 29% (20)
Brock 40% (28)
KenFlo 6% (4)
Maia 11% (8)
Emerson 13% (9)
Kongo 1% (1)
8/10/08 1:14:53PM
Out of the six winners shown on the PPV. Who impressed you the most.
8/10/08 1:16:57PM
I have to say that Brock gets my vote. He dominated a tough fighter, he battered him for 15 minutes and he proved he had the stamina to last for 3 rounds.

I cant wait to see Brock fight next.
8/10/08 1:20:00PM
I'll go with GSP he dominated a guy who would beat the majority of people in their weight class. Fitch is a animal and GSP rolled right over him.
8/10/08 1:24:57PM
Brock and GSP tied, GSP showed he is not gun shy, and Brock showed his raw ability and the vast improvement he has made since his last fight.
8/10/08 1:26:17PM
Id have to agree with you and say Brock. OK he needs work in certain areas but it was a massive improvement on his last fight. The speed of the guy for his size is awesome. I too am looking forward to his next fight...
8/10/08 1:26:45PM
brock demolishing one of the most experienced tough veterans in the game in just his third pro fight was the most impressive. that guy is going to be a force.
8/10/08 1:28:13PM
Jon Fitch impressed me the most. The shots that guy took. I was not a fan of his going into that fight but I became a fan around mid way through the fight. I think GSP is right, this loss may be the best thing to happen to him.
8/10/08 1:32:21PM
i have to say emerson who was a huge underdog and brock performance is not a suprise for me i was expecting that
8/10/08 1:56:32PM
Hands down Lesnar should win this poll. People should have no doubt that he is a force in the HW division. I thought his speed was ridiculous for such a massive beast. Could have done without his antics at the end of the rounds and at the end of the fight but he looked solid nonetheless.

Kongo impressed me in the amount of times he can kiss his hand and tap his chest. I thought he would never beat his record of 113 against Herring but I counted 117 while walking to the Octagon this time. Great job you big manbeast of jungle love.

*counts may be off due to the fact I was screaming at my TV "Quit kissing your freakin hand"*
8/10/08 2:03:43PM

Posted by jimmypockets

Kongo impressed me in the amount of times he can kiss his hand and tap his chest. I thought he would never beat his record of 113 against Herring but I counted 117 while walking to the Octagon this time. Great job you big manbeast of jungle love.

*counts may be off due to the fact I was screaming at my TV "Quit kissing your freakin hand"*

That is the funniest thing ever but you must of not seen the UFC 82 weigh ins we were there and I counted 132 just to the weight in scale and while he was weighing in haha.
8/10/08 2:12:52PM
I gotta go with Brock on this one because I didn't expect it to happen. I figured GSP would beat Fitch up and I had Florian beating Huerta but I didn't think Lesnar would put it all together this early in his career against a very dangerous and experienced fighter in Herring.
8/10/08 2:24:19PM
Lesnar has still got alot to learn. I mean he had his back so many times and did almost nothing. Still very impressive considering it's his third mma fight but i wish he could have done more with a dominate position.

GSP continues to astound me. Their is very little he isn't good at.
8/10/08 2:32:46PM
GSP for sure. He made a very game and tough opponent look completely outclassed in that fight.

8/10/08 2:58:30PM
Holy crap, am i the only one who voted for maia so far? That dude impressed me soo much for not having that many fights and going up against a very game jason macdonald. that fight was such a great ground battle!

Brock impressed me too, but i would have liked to seen him throwing more punches on the stand up because he has powerful punches and kicks and herring wouldnt have been able to take lesnar down then if lesnar got in trouble he could just take heath down.
8/10/08 3:06:50PM
id hafta say jon fitch and his ability as he would say to grind threw a fight bcuz that guy was almost finsihed so many times not jus by punches either almost caught in a choke almost caught in an armbar ........he has the most heart ive seen in a fight.........top notch fighter........lots of respect for jon fitch...........

and gsp for doin what i knew was gunna do complete domination of arguilby the next best guy in the division........gsp will be champ for a long time to come!!!
8/10/08 3:27:53PM
Ken-Flo... he outclassed Huerta in every aspect of their fight last night, he seems to get better with every fight. I will never understand the hate and disdain most MMA fans, hardcore and casual have for him. Very strategic showing by Florian last night, I was very impressed.
8/10/08 3:51:54PM
i think fitch is easily the no.2 ww in the world and gsp kicked the living shit out of him. wow.
8/10/08 4:29:47PM
I'm saying Emerson, his record isn't that stella, he lost twice on the show, he had the NC with Gray Maynard(he probably would have lost anyway), then wins a hard fought SD over Nakamura, the last thing I expected him to do was KO Manny(the TUF finalist), I thought he'd win, but a quick KO over someone like Manny impressed me the most.

MacDonald's sub defense was also impressive(until he got RNC'd obviously).
8/10/08 8:09:05PM
Lesnar was a killer last night, Emerson was very impressive as well
8/10/08 8:23:16PM
MacDonald impressed me the most skill wise. Fitch impressed me with his chin and will. Damn, I thought the fight was over about three times and yet he kept coming.

Emmerson shocked the hell out of me (and 95% of MMA fans). I totally called that wrong, but I still don't think of him as a better fighter. Manny shocked me by being a pretty good sport about the KO. There was no question though, he had to give Rob props for that.

Both Lesnar and Kongo performed as I expected.

GSP, I was hoping to see a little more than the typical GnP we've recently grown accustomed to, but he'll I am happy that he won.

All in all this was one of the more solid cards I've seen in a while.
8/10/08 9:31:54PM
Out of all the winners, I must say that GSP impressed me the most. I am a big fan of Fitch and can't believe he got technically manhandled the way he did. He made Fitch look like an average joe off the street. GSP looked more focused than ever before. Lesnar did not impress me at all. He did exactly what I expected him to do(same thing he did to Mir), nothing but hold him down. One of the most boring fights of the night. His showboating and pushing of Heath at the end of the first was also unnecessary. He acts like a punk and don't think the UFC needs a personality like that.
8/10/08 9:59:01PM
I expected GSP and Maia to fight that good so I cant say it impressed me.

I don't think Emerson's win makes me think anymore of him, just less of Manny

Kongo beat a can that the UFC fed to him

Lesnar got my vote. I knew he would win but not in that fashion.

Also, props to Fitch and Herring as they both took beatings and kept going
8/10/08 11:02:35PM
Brock by far.
8/10/08 11:09:13PM
Honestly, I have to go with Jon Fitch. Even though he lost, he showed that he's definitely top tier in the WW division. I don't know many others who could have survived the first round like he did. He didn't win, but I was still extremely impressed by his resilience.
8/11/08 12:19:36AM
lesnar impressed me alot
8/11/08 3:37:22AM
Many were impressive but Maia gets my vote. He shows he is not a one trick pony. When he mounted MacDonald and rained down strikes instead of just going for a Sub attempt I was surprised. He is a real force at 185.
8/11/08 10:30:31AM
Not even a question. Brock looked invincible. Heath had nothing. No answer to Brocks skill. Certainly handled him better than the current champ did.
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