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2/2/07 12:05:35AM
One VERY IMPORTANT update that was not mentioned earlier today has now been implimented on the site. This update affects the game pretty drastically, so we felt it was important to get it added to the site before the first event took place:

In the past you simply selected the winner and when you thought the fight would end. Now you can also pick the way the fight ends: ko/tko, submission, unanimous decision, split decision. The fight ending result time field has also been updated to now include just a generic "judge's decision" entry since you will now be specifying the specific judgement in the new fight ending details field.

Please note: All those who placed wagers that included either a unanimous or split decision have had the wagers updated to the new generic decision field. The very small handful of wagers that were set up wagering specifically on a split vs unanimous decision have been deleted as this is no longer an option for a fight ending time.

Scoring will now be as follows:

5 points - correctly guess the fight winner ($10 bonus)

8 points - correctly guess the winner and the fight ending time ($20 bonus)

10 points - correctly guess the winner, ending time, and ending details ($35 bonus)

These point totals (but not the bonus $) are doubled on the new "Hot" items bouts we introduced earlier today as well. Emails are going out to all site members in the next 24 hours to notify them of the updates and to remind them to solidify their picks for Saturday's big event!

As always, a big thank you to the numerous people that suggested implimenting this to further enhance the game.
2/2/07 3:40:00PM
nice adjustment..
can we add on the feature that allows the public to see how many members or non-members are viewing the forum/subforum/thread at the given time ?

not a necessity but nice to see

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