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12/14/09 1:26:38PM
Message to all playground members:

After some investigation, we have some serious and disturbing announcements.

This past season, we have found many people who have cheated by creating duplicate accounts. This problem extends all the way to the top, and as many as 7 of the top 10 players from season six are included. We take this very seriously. Cheaters who make multiple accounts ruin the game for all the honest players. They will not be tolerated and will be eliminated from this site very soon.

As a result there are going to be some big changes in how things are done around here:
1) The mods and admin are now beginning an exhaustive investigation into randomly-selected account to check for multiple accounts. We have many ways of discovering these accounts, and will be banning everyone who has more than one account. If you have more than one valid account coming from a single source (like a roomate having an account) you must OK it with the admin or it will be treated as cheating. When we find an instance of cheating, we will be looking at that person's correspondence. Anyone who has knowledge of another person cheating will be treated like a cheater and will be banned as well.

2) Everyone who places close to the top for any event will be thoroughly investigated for multiple accounts. Cheating won't make sense anymore, because if you do have success doing it, it will get you banned.

3) For a very limited time, we will be accepting all confessions of cheating and/or knowledge of cheating. If you come to us right now, you will be granted amnesty and your main account will remain active. This is the only chance to save yourself if you have been in any way involved in cheating. This offer of amnesty is temporary, and will not save you if you do not come forward immediately. We promise to keep all confessions confidential, and will do our best to keep persons who provide information about other cheaters anonymous.

Again, we take the issue of cheating very seriously and promise to do all that is necessary to fix this problem. 7 out of 10 players in the top ten is completely unacceptable, and we promise not to let this happen again. Thank you to all those who play the game the right way.
12/16/09 12:27:52PM

Here is a list of the people in the top ten who are banned:

BigPoppaKoop and clones - Infamous201 and dukoo

PickMaster and clones - LeiAndPrei Dewey RichFrankly

Aaronno9 - Was previously banned under the name Skiba (this one was especially hard since he is a longtime good member. In his defense, he took it like a man and understood that we have to enforce the rules fairly.)

The good news is that further investigation showed that the other suspects had not been cheating. All other members in the top ten are fine and should be commended on their excellent seasons.

Thank you also to all those who have come forward with possible problems with their account. Your honesty and quick action is very much appreciated.

Again, I want to urge anyone who has multiple accounts on their computer, even if they are run by someone else, to come forward so that we can check out the problem and OK it. If you do not and we find multiple accounts, there is a good chance you will be banned. If there is even a slight chance that there might be a problem... contact me or any of the other mods immediately to get things sorted out. It is much better for you to come to us than for us to come to you.
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