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7/1/08 1:39:48PM
Continued from HERE:

The mixed martial arts business has seen its ups and downs during its short history. This list is intended to capture the fighters who had the biggest influence in creating interest in the sport and drawing money.

This list is not intended to be a simple listing of the fighters who drew the most money. If that were the sole criterion, the list would look significantly different. Rather, this list is designed to capture the fighters who were most important in shaping the business. Fighters who sparked increases in business and paved the way for bigger things are given additional weight even if they drew less money at the time.

7/1/08 1:42:27PM
to be honest i think chuck should be 1 instead of royce just my opinion
7/1/08 1:43:53PM
Thought Fedor would be in there.
7/1/08 1:45:07PM
Can't argue with that list at all
7/1/08 2:48:05PM
I think the list is very solid, but I would think they would put Fedor in for what he has done for pride. I was kinda shocked with chuck. As most of his stuff is recent compared to the rest of the fighters.

Anyhow, great list and again, very solid!
7/1/08 4:44:47PM
I got all of them right except for Royce, I thought for sure Fedor would be there
7/1/08 8:08:00PM
Good finish to the list.
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