Will the UFC ever implement a 145lbs division?

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POLL: 145lbs division good or bad?
Good 53% (10)
Bad 5% (1)
Maybe in a few years 32% (6)
Never 11% (2)
4/28/10 12:24:38AM
What do you guys think good or bad idea?

Personally I think its a bad idea I mean it does add an exciting division to the UFC, however will the addition of this division it would make the UFC to crowded. Look at the UFC now the champions only fight maybe twice a year if that, now if they add a new division it would be worse, as title holders would have to wait longer to fight. Unless they do two title fights in one PPV which is always nice, but then theres always the situation of who gets to fight in the main event, if you look at the last PPV I would have rather seen BJ and Edgar get the main event rather than Anderson who wasnt really fighting an opponent who could be considered in the main event. Also in adding the 145lbs division that would almost destroy WEC as the UFC would practically claim all those fighters, which would be less promo for the UFC as the WEC does promote the UFC and vice versa. So IMO it would be a bad idea, just curious as to what other people think.
4/28/10 12:41:12AM
Yes the UFC would be crowded, but I honestly don't think it would matter too much. I think if they merge and implement a 145 division they would have plenty of guys just from UFC recruitment that could rival Brown and Faber.

The division would be amazing.
4/28/10 1:12:58AM
probably not
4/28/10 1:14:34AM
I personally like the idea. Adding a new weight class gives the lighter guys more exposure and that is something they totally deserve. Also when there is a card that needs to be filled you will have many more guys to look at for help. The only worries i have is if they do add the new class then there would be so many fighters in the UFC that i think a lot of mid level guys would be cut. If that doesn't happen then im all for it. The 145 weight class is probably my 3rd favorite class. This idea for 145 is much more exciting than ever adding a super heavyweight class. Super heavyweight would be way to boring with the exception of a couple guys. People would be gassing within the first round.
4/28/10 1:36:18AM
Where is the option for Great?
4/28/10 3:57:19AM
i wish they would put in a 210-230 class for guy to small for HW but to big for LHW
4/28/10 7:29:37AM
They won't just bring the 145 over. If they decided to to that the would simply pull all of the WEC into the UFC. It looks like they will be merging the 155ers and adding a 125 class. As far as the main card goes I can't remember a lower weight class trumping a higher for a main event (if both are title fights) It just seems to be the way it is. I heard talk about droping the WEC lable can calling it something like UFC max like K1 does with their lighter weight fightes.
4/28/10 8:18:13AM
No. Not as long as Zuffa owns WEC, at least.
4/28/10 8:23:20AM

Posted by DCRage

No. Not as long as Zuffa owns WEC, at least.


As long as Zuffa has a deal with any national network to broadcast the WEC, they will continue having their 145 fights in the WEC. It will remove competition from taking a slot on that channel.

I wouldn't be surprised if Zuffa promotes the WEC by having some fights on a UFC show, though, for the time being.

4/28/10 1:10:59PM
I think it's good to have classes where guys can move around, I would like to see the UFC take the 145 pound division and add a cruiserweight division I hope someday we'll see it happen.
4/28/10 1:40:21PM
Michael Rome at BloodyElbow had an interesting piece about bringing the 135 and 145 divisions of the WEC over to the UFC but keeping the WEC alive as a Development league for the UFC.


That would keep both the UFC's TV deals in place, it would keep all or atleast most of the WEC's staff employed. It would improve the UFC's roster and options for headlining fights while also giving 135 and 145 lb fighters an opportunity to be paid like their heavier counterparts.

Like he said in the article,

"There's no reason a company like Bellator should be grabbing prospects like Ben Askren while the UFC can't even find proper prospects for its reality show."
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