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6/29/10 2:52:28AM
I've heard dates of July 9, July 10, July 18th...whats the actual date for the event and what channel will it be on?
6/29/10 6:33:59AM
July 18. There's an Impact FC 1 on July 10.
6/30/10 2:13:41AM
Oh happy birthday to me. I know What I'll be doing that day
7/8/10 1:39:50PM
I've tried to do some research as to what channel this will be on...I was hoping it would be on HDnet, but no such luck....believe it or not, but I think these are actually going to be ppv's! Forget that!
7/15/10 10:58:44PM
^^ really PPV? thats dissappointing
7/17/10 3:03:36PM
I am sure if you look around you will find it.
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