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11/4/12 10:49:31PM
Been waiting on this for a while now! It's an app that allows you to judge each fight as it happens and let the rest of the MMA community know your opinion.


I just downloaded it so I haven't had the chance to look at it yet. From what I've seen of the screen shots over the last few months it looks like it's worth checking out.
11/4/12 11:37:26PM
Looks pretty cool. Will this app stop Miguel Torres vs. Marlon Moraes from being a split decision and make the judges appropriately score it a unanimous decision? I don't know. It could bring even more attention to the issue though, which could in turn bring change. We can only hope!

I'll give it a download

Edit: oh wait no I wont because I use android os eh maybe if I am on a stream I'll use the browser based version.
11/4/12 11:42:38PM
"iJF is the official app of COMMAND: ‘Big’ John McCarthy's referee and judge training program. Your scores and feedback will be used to help improve the way MMA judges are trained and evaluated."

At least we know they're trying.
11/5/12 9:16:56AM
How can I use a browser version on pc?
11/5/12 1:45:43PM

Posted by ghandikush

How can I use a browser version on pc?

Not available yet.
11/5/12 11:19:49PM
Patiently waiting for this app to come to the Google Play Store. Its been over a year already.
11/6/12 3:25:06PM
That's pretty cool. It would awesome if we could group all of MMAPGs members judgements together for an event. Or just the Surprise Van folks.
11/6/12 4:11:42PM
I like the idea. I just tried to use it on an old event and it kept freezing on me hopefully this will work this weekend!
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