Iiiiiiittttt'ssss TIME!!!!

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5/21/09 4:24:05PM
Hey evyone I'm from the wrestling site but read that there was a league here for the MMA game UFC Undisputed so I joined up to play with the guys online. I looked around, but being new I couldn't find the thread to see who I can be and where to sign up for the online league (*** version).

So if anyone could help me out, it would be appreciated.
6/17/09 10:24:08PM
I dont think their is anything on here related to the UFC game but their is something related to the UFC in real life. Click on my Playground and then you can pick who you think will win each Ufc fight and also be able to pick what round and how it ends. By getting these correct you get points earned towards your ranking. This is fun website btw!
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