IGN's ratings for fighters in the upcoming ufc game

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8/12/08 12:21:20PM
these are what IGN thinks the ratings should be

8/12/08 12:24:50PM
I guess they dont like giving ratings?
8/12/08 12:31:24PM
haha oh shit forgot the link haha my bad here it is

8/12/08 12:48:56PM
GSP above Anderon is intersting. Shogun should have a better rating then they gave him.
8/12/08 1:26:43PM
Nate Diaz above Joe Stevenson? Rashad above everyone except Rampage? Whats going on?
8/12/08 2:26:05PM
"7. Diego Sanchez (79) -- Sanchez looked poised to be the first Ultimate Fighter alumnus to win a title last year, but got derailed by two ATT (American Top Team) wrestlers in Koscheck and Fitch. His confidence was shot, but a win at UFC 82 has started him back on the road to success."

its a sad day when google is a lost art.


"2. Rashad Evans (89) -- It's hard to put him above such well-known fighters, but Evans is 6-0-1 in the UFC, and he's probably the most talented wrestler in the weight class. And ask Sean Salmon about his high kick sometime."

8/12/08 2:50:36PM
that list was made before the rampage and forrest fight
8/12/08 3:04:44PM
WTF they have Wanderlei at 80? thats just rediculous, and Liddell at 83. But the one that really gets me is how high they got Serra, these guys need to actually watch the UFC
8/12/08 4:34:17PM
This is why IGN should not be making games. Reviewing the crap outta them is ok, but they have seriously bought into the UFC hype machine
8/12/08 7:32:46PM
9. Karo Parisyan (76) -- Parisyan's loss to Alves means that he can't be above him, but Parisyian needs to be in the game just so we can do all his cool judo throws

Thats funny...
8/12/08 7:47:12PM
Im suprised Werdum is so low
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