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10/29/07 3:56:17PM
What are the smart wagers for the IFL event?
10/29/07 6:07:11PM
With a new season just starting, I don't think anyone will be willing to give away any of their secrets so early. Looks like you might be on your own. A smart player will get a lead before making deals with people.
10/31/07 10:50:11PM
I think Radach is pretty much an absolute lock in his fight...... i'm putting some good money on him in the wagering.

As far as upsets, i don't really see anyone that is hugely undervalued like Akiyama was vs Kang. I will probably lay small bets on these two fights. Alex Schonauer looked good in taking out Goes, so i'll lay small $$$ on him. The other is the Brian Foster vs Matt Horwich. Nothing I've seen with Horwich makes me think he should be that big a favorite. Foster has a barely over .500 record but has fought a few decent names, so i'm gonna lay a little there.
11/1/07 11:47:02AM
I bet it all on Hordecki
11/1/07 1:23:57PM
I'm going all in on one guy that's for sure.
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