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4/9/07 11:16:09AM

It's down to about 5 bucks a share from a high of $17 a share in late January.
4/9/07 11:29:29AM
IFL stock goes south fast
We remarked on Friday about the recent 5-day IFL stock plunge. This morning, the stock has dropped $1.20 (down 20%) to $4.80/share. It is bouncing back and forth between $4.80 and $5.00/share.

Also, the SSPE (Sun Sports & Entertainment Inc.) stock is heading downwards to $0.13/share. They are the backers of the Texas Art of War MMA show series.

another article on ifl stock
4/9/07 6:25:57PM
What is up with that shit,,,,i almost got some IFL stock about 3 weeks ago,,,good thing i was waiting for it to go down,,,,,why is it going down so much ? and should i pick some up now,,,while its cheap..
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