IFL Goes Live in November

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9/25/07 5:20:18PM
The International Fight League and its broadcast network-television broadcast partner MyNetworkTV announced Tuesday that one hour of the Nov. 3 World Grand Prix semifinals will be aired live at 8 p.m. ET/PT (7 p.m. CT/MT), marking the first time mixed martial arts will be shown live in prime time on broadcast television.

9/25/07 5:46:29PM
Great they are doing this, but they should show the whole grand prix, not just 1 hour
9/25/07 6:39:14PM
They couldn't do all 3 hours, MyNetworkTV only airs for 2 hours each night. It's a good safe start for them, my concern is low ratings partly because it could be pre-empted in some markets for college football, NBA, or NHL. And Saturdays are low-rated nights anyway, but if it can get even a 1.0 rating then I'd call it a big success for the network and promotion.
9/25/07 7:10:49PM
at least they are starting to realize that they need to be live to get more viewers, im looking forward to it.
9/25/07 8:22:31PM
All I can say is FINALLY, holy satan that took them forever!
9/25/07 9:41:09PM
Too late.
9/25/07 11:13:53PM
I tivo all that stuff anyways.
9/26/07 1:00:11AM
I'm happy to hear they are coming around. 1 hour... ehh, but it's a start.
9/26/07 12:59:09PM
Add my name to the "it's about damned time" list. However, the MMA Weekly story says they'll only be airing one hour, so they'll likely only show two fights, maybe three.
9/26/07 1:08:14PM
What caught my eye there (might've been a different article though, didn't click the link) was also reports that IFL is trying to get the Grand Prix Finals in December live on MNTV as well. Hopefully they can, this event would be a great way for them to showcase a wider range of talent compared to just showing a regular match with just 2 teams at a time.
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