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3/16/07 10:03:20PM
If you're in front of a television tonight, FSN is airing some of the February IFL matchup between the Silverbacks (Pat Miletech's team) and the Anacondas (Bas Rutten's team) that featured a 155-lb matchup between Bart Palaszewski and Chris Horodecki. Coming into the fight, Horodecki was 8-0 and Palaszewski was 25-7, on an 11 match winning streak.
3/17/07 4:03:16AM
Just got done watching that fight. GREAT FIGHT! Chris is a fighter, yes some of his antics can be questionable, but he doesn't give up easy. Close call match up. I think Bart somewhat underestimated him. Also this fight always shows why I like a cage way more then the ropes. Fighters can't dive out of them to save themselves. I just wish Rory wasn't injured. Him and Herion would of been a war. But that's the way it goes. Pat and Bas, two top teams in the organization, hands down. But I do think that
Andaconda's weak link is Alex, not to say that he sucks but because he should be fighting at 185. He gets out muscled all the time.

Ethier way Chris and Bart were way worth it. I was stoked to see that match up.
3/17/07 7:30:23AM
Was a great fight, and I agree that Bart would have had the sub if not for Horodecki falling through the ropes. I think Lindland's team will also be a challenger to MIlitech and Rutten's.
3/17/07 12:39:38PM
oh yeah forgot about that guy.

And how about Don Frye's team, the newely named, "Reverse Transvestites." hahaha
3/17/07 1:32:34PM
The IFL broadcast was pre-empted by a Celtics game here. I mean, really, who cares about basketball..?
3/18/07 3:16:26AM
I know I don't
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