Where will the IFL fighters go?

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3/9/08 8:34:18PM
Seeing that the IFL is on the brink of collapse where do you guys think these fighters will go? I personally hope that the UFC picks up a couple of these guys. Ben Rothwell would be a great add to the HW division and Chris Horodecki would be a top fighter in the already stacked LW division IMO This kid is a killer. I might be a polish hammer nuthugger and not even know it ...wow
3/9/08 8:57:23PM
Posted on wrong forum my bad.
3/9/08 9:05:47PM
ben rothwell would be a help to a as of now weak hw division, then depending on a signing of fedor or no. along with andrei and sylvia.

chris would get destroyed in UFC, againest any top level contenders IMO. no doubt to that.
3/9/08 9:19:50PM
how can you say that Chris would get killed? Put him in against leonard garcia or Glesian tibau(sp) and i think he kills them
3/9/08 9:24:25PM
gleison i think would take him out of his element entirely and win the UD.

In fact as a LW theres not many style match-ups that give him an advantage.
He's a good striker with an ok sprawl in a division packed with excellent wrestler and bjj practitioners.

Spencer Fisher would be a good match-up for him.
3/9/08 9:34:09PM
Horodecki would get beaten by most of the decent level lightweights in the UFC. Horodecki is another example of a great ringfighter. I'd want more to see him fight Gomi than Sherk or Penn, or Guida. Rothwell would get owned until he learned to use the cage. I would say get with Xtreme Couture and learn cage tactics. After that he could be one of the sad top 10.
3/9/08 10:20:29PM
i doubt chris would prove me wrong if he made a UFC debut, he'd be just another name. no way he would do any good againest top contenders but just my opinion.
3/10/08 2:57:01PM
I would think that Horodeski needs a couple years or three in the WEC or somewhere with slightly weaker competition...

The kids got HUGE potential and just needs to be brought up correctly instead of being fed to the dogs right off the bat
3/10/08 6:13:18PM
Matt Horwich would be a great addition to either the UFC or WEC middleweight division.
3/10/08 8:40:51PM
LW: Chris Horodecki, Bart Palaszewski, Wagnney Fabiano, Ryan Schultz, Gunderson (maybe)
WW: Antonio McKee (i guess), Jay Hieron, Delson Heleno
MW: Benji Radach, Tim Kennedy, Ryan McGivern
LHW: Vladimir Matyushenko(again),
HW: Roy Nelson, Ben Rothwell, Reese Andy

IMO all of these guys are worthy of at least small UFC contracts. I'm not saying they would win or lose, but they are as deserving as most free agents.
3/11/08 7:00:54PM
Rothwell to UFC hopefully

BTW: xposipx, what kind of dog is that?
3/11/08 8:33:20PM
ive never been a fan of the IFL but they have plenty of great fighters who could do well in other orgs. the UFC or Dream however would be another story, i would still like to see a good lot of them get signed anyway for more talented matchups for sure
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